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Elizabeth Bowers 11-08-2012 08:16 AM

Stupid question regarding pigs.
Ok, my husband and his family have been raising pigs for years. And i have raised pigs a few times in the past. Well with our new batch of piglets (now about 4 months old) I was throwing new bedding to them, and he tells me not to put too much down, because they will get to hot and suffocate. :shock: :lol: I never heard of this before. As my grandfather would put a heater in the pig barn to keep any stray piglets warm. I looked at him like he was crazy. I found it rather funny. :rofl: I think it is his family's folklore coming out. Have you ever heard of anything like this??
Thanks!! :-)

Iseul 11-08-2012 08:43 AM

The main thing I know about pigs is that I'm terrified of them. I'm not sure why, side my horse is a lot bigger..maybe it's because they're at that awkward height level where I have to really plan out a hit (if the bite or something..ya know? Lol). Whereas a dog is generally kick (gentle, but still considered a kick) level, and a horse is generally smack/elbow level.

But, back to the topic, my BO breeds/sells pigs (slaughter, not show) and they have very little bedding in their stalls..The babies get newspaper and other paper-y garbage, but the adults get maybe a third of a bag of pine shavings. I've never heard of why, but I figured it might add some insight from another breeder :p

Funny pig story though..for my lease this month I'm working it off doin labour jobs for her since her and her husband don't have the time to do it and one of my jobs was to deweb, sweep, and clean the barn (aside from the actual stall mucking). Well, her stud was too nosy, big, and wouldn't back off when I gave him a boot (not too hard), so I called H and told her that her stud was too nosy and I was scared to go in..apparently he's been sick for 2 weeks and not wanting to eat and she thought I said he died. O.O I felt horrible! But, she just kinda laughed at the fact that I was scared to go in with him and the babies as well because they're all sweet hearts I tried to gauge their personalities from the walkway (meaner to nicer) and it ended up the complete The one's I thought were tryna get me (they sounded like they were growling at me! Lol) were perfectly calm and nice (not too nosy and nippy..or run into you and not move (aka the stud who cornered me and I squeezed between his face and dashed out of the stall, D: ), while the one's I thought would be nice wouldn't move, nipped, and would NOT leave me alone at all. Anywho..I figured someone who raised pigs would think that's funny..I can deal with a horse runnin' around, rearing, and bucking on a lead, but not the nosy pigs that are less than half their size, lol.
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muumi 11-08-2012 09:54 AM

Well, my pig sleeps on her own bed with blankets. Always has.

Elizabeth Bowers 11-08-2012 10:02 AM

Iseul that is funny. our pigs now jump up on me like dogs, ours will be for butcher too, and thats not a good habit to have for when they weight 300lbs!!!
Muumi, my friend just got a mini pot bellied pig, and he has his own blanket and bed too and sleeps beside their wood burner in the basement!! So, i just had to post what i did because i've never heard of such a thing!! :-)

Lockwood 11-08-2012 10:05 AM

I think you are not that far from me and with these cold nights, depending on the breed of pig, they will burrow down in the bedding to stay warm, but they will not have any problem breathing, unless the bedding is super dusty or something, or get too hot.
Heritage pigs are known for their hardiness in our zone if you keep a thick bed of straw in their house/pen.
The only time where that might be a problem is when newborn piglets pile on top of each other under deep bedding, or if mum rolls over on one under the bedding.
Or if the composition of the bedding creates super hot compost.
Your piggies are old enough to handle most anything now and know when to get away from something that is either too hot or too cold.
Tell the dear heart he is full of it!

Kayella 11-08-2012 10:11 AM

My pig was kept in a 10x10 stall, and we used 3 bags of shavings. Yes, our show pigs were absolutely spoiled. During the summer, they were walked daily, bathed daily(they absolutely loved taking baths in the hot Texas summer) and they had fans going in their stalls. Some stalls even had misters that would mist the pigs to keep them even cooler :lol: During the winter, we always used heat lamps. We would also build a frame around the stall and tarp it to keep the draft out of their stall. If I wanted to get warm at my barn, I'd go and sit under the heat lamp in my goat's or pig's stall!

muumi 11-08-2012 10:13 AM

I would really say give them plenty of shavings. They deserve to be comfortable.

Delfina 11-08-2012 10:18 AM

I raise piglets. I fill their house almost completely full of straw when they are little (as in top to bottom, front to back) and they burrow on in, stay warm and none have ever died.

My absolute favorite part about pigs is that if they have a separate "house", they will not dirty it, so the only "cleaning" I do in there is to occasionally shovel out the loose dirt and throw in clean straw.

Elizabeth Bowers 11-08-2012 12:51 PM

LOL thanks everyone!! I didn't think it was true, as my grandfather always raised pigs, and he kept a heater in the pig barn for the piglets whom liked to escape and couldn't get back in. And we never had a problem. Yes we have had sows roll and smash babies, and kill another sows babies because they kept getting into her box with her piggies. Other than that we've never had any suffocate from too much heat. And my piggies btw are all nice and snug with lots and lots of straw to burrow in!! :-) Thanks everyone!!! You all made me smile today!!! :-D

AnrewPL 11-08-2012 07:06 PM

Probably depends on where you live. My uncle had a piggery for quite a while (closed it down not long ago, they cost more to feed than he gets selling them now) He is in Central Queensland and it gets very hot and humid so they need to be kept cool all the time or they can die. He also carts cattle and pigs in his truck for a living too. Cattle are fine at any time of the day, in the summer though he needs to cover the truck crate in shade cloth and cart the pigs early in the morning (preferably before sun up) to keep them out of the sun or they can over heat and die during the day.

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