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busysmurf 11-08-2012 10:08 AM

First hunstseat lesson EVER!

Hopefully this link works. I'm somewhat A LOT internet/youtube challanged:lol::lol:

This was part of J's first huntseat lesson EVER. Sorry for the quality, I made darn sure the camcorder was charged the day before...found out at the lesson the battery doesn't hold a charge:evil::evil::evil::evil: So I had to use my phone.

Cinder 11-11-2012 11:02 AM

You want the rider critiqued, right?

This is her first huntseat lesson, so things are obviously going to improve in time. I'm commenting on what I see as I go through the video.

I'd like to see more depth in her heels.

She seems to curl forward frequently. It'd benefit her to sit up tall, shoulders back, chin up, eyes where she wants to go.

Her posting seems a bit unsteady and I can see her leg coming off the horse.

I see more leg unsteadiness- they seem to be swinging back and forth.

I'd like to see her hands come up off the horse.

Is that her two-point starting at about 1:37?

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