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ILMTisas 11-08-2012 06:16 PM

Back flipping horse! Help!
I am at my wits end with this mare that I have owned for going on three years now. When I traded my show gelding for this mare I was looking for a horse that I wouldn't have to re-train everytime I gave her a break. And for a year this worked great! :D If she got upset or didn't want to do something she would just dance in place.

But when I took her back the the trainer I bought her from, so he could ride her again, she came unglued!!!! I swear the whole time I had owned her she never threw a fit like she did that day....She had preformed everything from bolting to bucking to rearing. All because she did not want to side pass for him. Which she had been taught and used several times before. After she wore herself out she did everything he asked without complications. As for what we thought it was just a fluke...oh but we were wrong. :-(

A few months later my family and I went to Shawnee and she threw me into a fire pit, for just getting on. Now she rears evertime she does not want to do anything. Once she learned that I wasn't getting off of her and we would work through it, she had to come up with another plan or give in.

Not this mare, oh no she found another way of getting me off now....she now rears up and flips over backwards. At first I thought it was an accident. Not so much now she has flipped over on me four times in the last year. And what is crazy is some days we will have a pleasant ride with not a single problem. And I know when it's coming because she'll pin her ears and bunch up underneath of me, her whole body is solid like a rock. :evil:

I have tried doing groundwork and gaining her respect, it'll work for a while and then she starts rearing all over again... I just don't know what else to do! Please if someone has had any experience with this, if you can tell me how I can manage her behavior.:cry:

Muppetgirl 11-08-2012 06:20 PM

Has she been examined by a chiro and a vet? And how is her saddle fit and bridle/bit fitting....and what kind of bit are you using?

Those are the prelim questions that just about every poster gets asked when they pose a question like this....

This horse sounds very dangerous, is there something you are asking her to do that sets her up to rear and flip? Is she more resistant performing any particular tasks?

Palomine 11-08-2012 06:31 PM

I'd be checking into something going on with repro organs I think.

And for sure would not be riding her until many things were ruled out, as this is one of the most dangerous things a horse can do.

Lins 11-08-2012 06:35 PM

Please don't keep riding it out. I had a horse like this and was lucky to survive his fits, as you are.

Get pain ruled out, as other posters have suggested. This behaviour is extremely dangerous and could get you killed. This kind of extreme change in behaviour is usually due to pain.

If you keep riding it out, it will become a habit for her, and will be very hard to break this habit once the problem is solved.
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ILMTisas 11-08-2012 06:36 PM

I have had a vet look at her but not chiros are in this area. I've thought about it being a pain issue but when I have her move she moves great. My saddle is fitted properly and I was using a hackamore, two days ago I switched her to a o-ring snaffle. As for asking her to do things and her getting set off, she will snap over being asked to stop, move out, or stand still. Any suggestions?

nikelodeon79 11-08-2012 06:37 PM

There are some horses that lose all sight of self preservation and become flippers. Most trainers won't even attempt to work with them and recommend they be completely retired from riding. Once a horse is willing to resort to those methods, they rarely can be fixed.
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Jdun722 11-08-2012 06:44 PM

I just had a mare flip over on top of me, reason being: bit was under her tongue. You should get her teeth/mouth checked, it might be she has good days because of the way the bit is in her mouth &if the pressure is touching a part that is sensitive it could make her kinda loose her mind. My guess is it wouldn't be something to do with her back because if your back was hurting you probably wouldn't throw yourself in the air and land on your back now then would you :)

She may also have a brain tumor or something neurologically wrong with her. Possibly a vision problem that would make her suddenly be stressed enough to think she needs to defend herself and then panics - sending herself up&over.

If none of that is what's wrong then she's being a HUGE brat. And that's only solved by groundwork and a ton of patience. Not every horse can be saved, as sad as it is, and if it's a chronic problem that's worsening it might be better to put her down than to send her somewhere that she could potentially have a hard lifestyle or be put in a bad situation where she isn't cared for because she's considered "dangerous". Sometimes you have to take into consideration the life she could live by passing her onto someone else, as hard as a decision as that is to make.

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