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eventerjumpergirl 11-08-2012 08:03 PM

Balancing riding..
Okay, so first off, I'm not rich. My parents worked hard for the barn we have but we don't have money to show much. So I've spent more time on young projects. My dilemma is this... I currently have 6 horses. 2 I own and pay for. One is 6, given to me wild and untouched at 5. He's under saddle but due to breed and 5 years of wild.. very unpredictable. He got the bvetter of a known clinician after i had him under saddle for a year. Perfect example of why I won't sell him. He's too quick for most people and will hurt someone. Recently actually caught me off guard on the ground and broke my wrist. He's just very spooky and hot at the best of times still and especially so after the clinic.. He takes up the majority of my time and is a 5 day a week horse.

My 2 boys, eventer and a dressage (3/4 arab sporthorse) are both very athletic and have huge potential. Easily $15-25 000 horses. They are close enough and look well enough to WB's. But lack of time and money doesnt help.
The quarab, mostly lesson horse. I can't afford reining or he would be perfect. He goes great in a snaffle, awesome start to his slide and spin.

Then my QH mare, my babe of 4 years. Dilemma is this.. don't want to sell her and have her fall into the wrong hands. Most people don't understand her, get along with and/or ride her well. She doesn't need hand, she rounds from seat. People try to force her into things, when all you do is need to ask and she will give. She's perfect for a gymkhana horse but I don't like how most rodeo people ride. Not trying to be a bag here, I just have huge issues with rough hands and poor riding. And I'm protective of my horses. They love their jobs, never have had to force them. My mare and I used to butt heads, I waited her out and she went from a standoffish crank to at 6, my best friend and come across the field to meet you.

They all need jobs. We won't lease, too much crap around that, risk of unsoundness etc. And I have arabs. Good for teaching beginners, bad for people who have ridden anything but for years and "know how to ride" because they will get on your rubber necked sensitive horse and do damage.

I want to go back to dressage, 3 day eventing or jumpers.. how would you try to balance costs and make it effective? I have 2 that can event, 1 can only be dressage. Any suggestions? Thanks :) Not only that, how could you find sponsors?

DancingArabian 11-08-2012 09:22 PM

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Be choosy in where you put your money when it comes to shows.

Dressage is helpful for all disciplines. They should all get training in it, especially the dressage and eventers since you're going to compete with it.

To find sponsors, people have to want to sponsor you. You have to be excellent with a lot of skill and talent and be able to ride high end horses. Not to be a snarky but why would someone want to sponsor you? You have to give them a reason.
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goingnowhere1 11-09-2012 09:13 AM

I know you said leasing was a no, but what if it was on sight. Maybe you could arrange it so you could almost always be there for the first few rides?
I would doubt the sponsoring, I don't meant to be ride AT ALL, but the only people who are sponsored around where I live are amazing, college educated riders who have go to Rolex or other national competitions.

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