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toosexy4myspotz 11-09-2012 12:01 AM

need help deciding light or moderate work for diet
I am trying to figure out what would be best to use for my mares diet whether is light or moderate workouts. I am currently retraining my 4 1/2 yo ssh. I am working her three day on and one day off. Sometimes she is worked for three solid hours and other days only an hour. Depends on how well she is responding and if I ride or not. She is doing at least three days a week of an hour of trotting/gaiting and light cantering. We also work daily on the ground. Sometimes lunging and rollbacks and sometimes we work more on pivoting on hindquarters and disengaging hind quarters. She is usually fairly sweaty after her workouts. All these workouts are on some sort of hill. Our property literally has a flat enough place for a 60ft round pen and thats it. These are fairly steep hills as well. She is currently getting 2lbs of beetpulp, 4lbs alfalfa pellets, 1lb rice bran, 3 ounces of multi vit, source, and ground flax.

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