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darahbren2010 11-10-2012 11:05 AM

I need help with training!
Ok so I bought a gelding that I was told was broke. Come to find out he really hasn't been rode. Origionally I was told he was rode the first haying season of this year. I found out recently that he hasn't been rode since last year. And when he was rode last year it was only once. He was broke as a 3 year old and had 30 days put on him, then not rode except once last year. I need some tips on how to go about re-teaching him. I did try to lunge him and he almost didn't know what I was asking. He learned quite fast after a few tries though. I am not quite sure what the most effective way is to start the ground work all over again. I have had a saddle on him, and he doesn't buck or anything. He is just fine with it. If you guys have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

JustDressageIt 11-10-2012 11:17 AM

What do you know about training?
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darahbren2010 11-10-2012 11:33 AM

Well I would say I am pretty knowledgable. I have been around horses my whole life. I have been reading and watching clinics on colt starting to try to get an idea, but I have never done some of the things they suggest. (Like ground driving) I am not even sure where to begin. When I got into this whole situation, my understanding was that he is broke. I know now that isn't the case. I have never "broke" a colt, but have put foundation training on a couple horses.

Elana 11-10-2012 01:07 PM

I strongly suggest you find someone with knowledge and experience to help you with this.

Or I suggest you find a trainer and send him out and then (if the trainer allows it) go and watch him work with this horse.

From what I am reading you do not have the experience to do start this horse on your own.

This is not meant as a put down to your skills. This is meant to give you an opportunity to learn while staying safe.

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