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Courtneysequine 11-10-2012 08:03 PM

Calling ALL EVENTERS ! What do you always have in your Tack Trunk?
What do you bring to your horse shows? horse show checklist? What do you keep in your show tacktrunk? how do you keep your trunk organized? this is for any english discipline but prefered to hear event riders opinions.

jumanji321 11-10-2012 08:14 PM

Well, I'm not really an eventer but I do foxhunt and I pack pretty much the same stuff for foxhunting as I do for showing sans show clothes.


saddle pad
maybe boots
show sheen
vet wrap to keep my horse's tail flat near the top
hoof black
rubber bands for braiding

For me:

show jacket
show shirt
tall boots
velvet helmet cover
hair net
safety pins for number
my AEF number since I compete in Alberta
spurs in case I need more precision

Um, I can't really think of anything else besides the obvious ones.

goingnowhere1 11-10-2012 09:00 PM

I am training towards eventing, but mostly do dressage. I don't really show a lot, but I always have EVERYTHING in my trunk just incase ;)
On the front left, I have my huge grooming bag (3 curries, 1 hard brush, 1 medium brush, 1 soft brush, face brush, super soft show brush, hoof pick, corona ointment, swat, fly spray, marigold spray (shiny), avacadoe spray (tail), gel (super detangler), body brush, fleece mitt, two kinds if mane pullers, quick trimmer... I sure there's more in there)
Back left, gullet plates for wintec, a girth thrown in the back, trash, saddle conditioner, cleaner, and rags
Top right, bucket with three shampoos and conditioners, two special scrubbers, and a sweat scraper.
Back right, four pairs of polos.

When I go to shows, I throw a bag of peppermints on top and his splint boots.
I thrown my numerous saddle pads and half pads, and saddles in the back if my truck. I usually print the horse show checklist off of for all my stuff. I put my show clothes in a garment bag and hang it up in the car.

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