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ThePaintGirl 11-12-2012 10:42 PM

Update on the Old Man
Hi all,
for those of you that followed my thread about my dad's 23yr TB, I decided to update on him. He has gained weight already, which is making everyone very happy. We changed the alfalfa pellets to cubes. Well, lets just say we're going back to pellets.

Saturday night at 10PM, I went out to deal with two horses that were fighting (thankfully neither were hurt) I noticed Braveheart circling, rolling, and staring at his stomach. It looked like colic (which he's had twice so far) and I called the vet. The vet didn't make it out until midnight, and checked him over. Turns out no colic, but he was choking. He was given a shot and we were told to check on him every few hours and offer him water. Well come morning nothing had changed so we ended up having to take him into the vet clinic. Several hours later, 3 feet of his esophagus was unclogged. So vet ordered no more cubes (even though they were soaked)

I loved watching the whole process, tube going up the nose, food coming out, I even got to smell the inside of his stomach :D Did I mention I plan on becoming a vet?

Me and my dad had to kill time while we waited for the drugs to wear off because we didn't want to trailer him drugged. We decided to grab something to eat, only then did I realize I hadn't showered in 4 days, I had no deo, and I had no bra. We went through the drive-thru.

Crazy weekend.

Hope yours was better


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