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daddyspaycheck 11-13-2012 02:25 AM

Unwanted. Story
AN-ok so there may be a few things wrong in this story when it comes to jumping and all that this was written forever ago and thought I would post it. If you guys like it I could continue on with the story.

Summary- Elissa Stark, Eli for short fell in love the moment she saw Parker. No one thought they would work out. Everyone said she was crazy, he would never amount to anything, yet she proved them wrong. Up until the accident that took the life she knew away and the horse she loved. Her parents made her leave the "horse world" and Parker behind. Three years after the accident, now on her own she goes back to the world of horses and tries once again to pick up where she left off with little hope of ever seeing Parker again.

Chapter 1- The Accident.

"Easy boy." Eli said as she ran the hard brush over Parker's chestnut body, "You are such a red head." The horse twitched at every touch she laid on him. He didn't bow away in pain or fear he was just one of those truly sensitive off the track thoroughbreds. She thought back to the horse Parker had been two years ago. She remembered how everyone said he was dangerous she hadn't wanted to admit at the time but they were true. He would rear up at someone and try and kick them, he would bight them, but not in the way most horses do. He went for blood, he wanted to hurt any human that came near him. Eli shook her head as she continued to groom the horse. If she had been treated the way he had she would have been the exact same way, many told her to give up on him, but she saw a look in his eyes a look that seemed to connect with her soul. It seemed to tell her he only needed someone to listen, someone to trust.

Keeping him at Red Crest Stables wasn't exactly easy. Many girls had their imported warmbloods horses that would be considers "made." As her friends from school called them. "Silver Spoon girls." Most of the people at the stable were stuck up, they looked down on the crazy OTTB. It wasn't like Eli's family didn't have money they were well off and boarding at the stable wasn't a finical burden, but it wasn't in her parents cards to pay a huge amount of money for a horse. She had only gotten Parker for $200 and that had been because her father had believed in her. Perhaps the only one that ever did.

A pain hit her heart as she thought of her father. Three days after buying her Parker he had died in a car accident. Perhaps that was another reason she had been so set on braking through to the horse, Parker was the last she had of her dad. Her father had understood horses at one point in his life he had almost been headed for the olympics before a bad fall forced him to stop competing and become a teacher. He was the one that told her he would never pay an large sum for a horse, it didn't matter where they came from you had to look a horse in the eye and it had to speak back. up until the day Eli found Parker she hadn't understood what he meant. At the auction he had been closed into a small stall that he could hardly see out of. She had looked through the bars into the dark stall and her eyes met his he had fire in his eyes mixed with fear. She had finally seen what her father spoke of, Parker spoke to her. She had said Parker was the one and her father never argued. He payed for the horse and they took him home.

Parker tossed his head and snorted as another rider walked up she had her arms crossed and didn't look happy. Eli looked up and wanted to roll her eyes. Danielle.
"Why are you still waisting your time with him?" Danielle asked her voice seemed to startle Parker, "He's so jumpy."
"They always say the alert ones make the best jumpers because they are always scoping everything out." Eli said, she had read that some where once she wasn't sure if it were true of not, but she hated that Danielle always put Parker down when ever she got a chance.
"What ever, Impala is a great jumper and she isn't spooky and freakish at all." Danielle turned and walked away as she yelled to a groom to get Impala ready. Eli shook her head again. She never understood why people couldn't groom their own horses. How could they not want to? Grooming and tacking your horse, spending time with them built a bond. It didn't matter the money you spent on any horse you needed a bond. Even the best trained horse won't have the heart of one that is trying simply for the love of the one on their back.
"You ready to ride buddy." She said patting his neck, Parker turned his head to her then tossed it as he danced sideways causing her to smile. He made many people nervas, but not her she felt safe with him even when he was his what she called "special" moments.

Fifteen minutes later she had Parker tacked up and in the ring warming up for her lesson. She watched as Danielle and Impala came into the ring as well, Thursdays they always had their group lesson together. She cringed as Danielle pulled hard down on the four year old's mouth. Danielle wasn't the type that should have bought a green horse, she had ridden made horses all her life and gotten the idea she could ride anything she was lucky Impala was as calm as she was or there could possibly be a very bad situation. She felt Parker tense under her when ever Danielle's voice pieced through the air yelling at Impala for something. Turning her attention off the poor mare and back to her own horse Eli went back to her warm up hoping the trainer would say something today. She knew when he father was the trainer he would have said something to Danielle, he would have already pulled her from the lesson and off the back of the young horse and put her in her place. The replacement trainer, Annie was a great teacher, but she seemed to turn a blind eye to the rich "silver spoon" girls especially Danielle.

Everything was fine for most of the lesson, of course Annie said nothing to Danielle about being to harsh, to heavy on her hands she ignored it. By the time it got to the jumping Parker had calmed and knew he would get to do what he enjoyed most. Yet Impala seemed to grow more and more tense. Every course got better and better for herself and Parker, but Danielle and Impala began to fall apart. Just as the thoughts came to her mind that Annie had better pull Danielle and Impala up before someone got hurt she wanted Impala finally snap. Over the Oxer Danielle caught Impala hard in the mouth. Eli didn't hold it against anybody for sometimes catching their horse in the mouth, sometimes it happened, but Danielle never gave Impala a realize and at 3'6 you had to have your release down. She also wanted to yell out that Impala shouldn't even be doing the hight yet the poor mare hardly knew what jumping was.

Impala came to the last oxer and came to a sliding stop, Danielle stayed on but pulled hard on her mouth and smacked her with the crop the mare hopped a few times and Danielle pulled hard on the mares mouth again. Feeling as if she couldn't say anything, couldn't yell anything as her voice seemed to leave her. Impala reared up Danielle still some how managed to stay on as Impala then bolted strait through the jump polls flying every where spooking the mare even more. At this point Eli had to look away Parker began to react to the scene. His body was tense and he began to crow hop as the polls made loud clanking sounds as they flew to the ground. She tried to pull Parker up to make sure she stayed clear of Impala, but was to late she heard Annie yell something. She looked up and as she did she fell from Parker's back her foot getting caught in her stirrup. Next thing she knew Impala seemed to try and jump them, but be on top of both horse and rider. The two horses became tangled on each other and Eli was stuck in the middle.

Her final thoughts weren't of herself or anyone else it was simply the horses. Was Impala ok? Was her beloved Parker ok? Then her world went black.

Elizabeth Bowers 11-13-2012 10:44 AM

wow thats really good, if you get it published i will definitely read it!!!! :-)

Meganu657 01-07-2013 07:40 PM

Me too!!! want to read more!!!!

daddyspaycheck 01-29-2013 11:13 PM

Chapter Two- Six Years Later.

“So do you think they will like me?” Eli asked smiling over at her boyfriend.
“I think they will love you.” He replied with a smile, “I know I do.”
“I’m still hope I make a good first impression.” She told him as she looked back out the front of the car.
“You will.” He told her, “There is no need to worry.”
“I’m not the type of girl that you usually date though.” She said softly
“Eli just because you don’t come from a rich family doesn’t mean they won’t like you.” He paused, “We are almost there.”
Eli looked outside the window her heart started to race. She hadn’t been watching where they were going but now that she paid closer attention she realized they were right in the heart of horse country.
“What did you say your parents did again?” She asked
“I don’t believe I’ve said.” He shrugged his shoulders, “They own some successful horse jumping farm.”
“What?” She asked her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. “Horses?”
“You don’t like them?” He asked
“No I just.” She paused for a moment as her mind flashed to Parker’s screams. She shook her head, “I just don’t”
“It’s alright I’m not really in to the horse thing.” He shrugged his shoulders, “That was always my sisters thing growing up until she got married.”
“Alright.” She said as she leaned back in her seat as they pulled up to a gate that opened once Hunter got them buzzed in. She couldn’t believe this place when she was sixteen she would have loved to have a place like this, to have kept Parker at a place like this. “Did you grow up here?” She asked taking in the sight of the long driveway that had horses in fields behind the fences. “This place is beautiful.”
“Yeah.” He said with a smile, “I did love it here a little different from the city.”
Eli looked over at him and smiled then turned to look out at the horses as they drove by some ran along the fences lines with the car.

She had thought the six years she spent in the city would make her miss a horse farm less. She had thought she had succeeded, but now being on this farm she knew she missed it. It had been six long years since she had been on a horse farm, six years since she had seen a horse other then the carriage horses in central park. The car came to a stop outside a large old southern plantation house. As she got out and walked around the front of the car she could feel herself fighting her chin from dropping.
“You like it?” Hunter asked.
“It’s beautiful it looks like a house out of a movie.” She said in awe.
“Hunter!” An older woman’s voice called from the front door, “You’re home!” The woman hurried down the stairs and wrapped her arms around him.
“Hello mother.” He said as he hugged her back, when they separated he turned to Eli. “Mother this is Eli my fiancÚ.”
“It’s so good to finally meet you Eli.” She said wrapping her in a hug as well.
“It’s good to meet you too.”
“Well let’s go find your daddy.” She said with a smile
“By the way Eli her names Annabelle.” Hunter said with a smile.
“I’m sorry honey where are my manners.” Annabelle said with a smile.
“Where is Dad anyways?” Hunter asked.
“He’s up at the barn told me to bring you up when you got here he just had to teach a few lessons.” She told him.
“Mom why can’t we just go into the house and settle in?” Hunter asked, “Eli doesn’t want to see the barn.”
“I don’t mind.” The words jumped out of her mouth before she could stop them.
“It’s settled then follow me.” His mother said with a smile and walked off in the direction of the barn.
“You are going to regret that we will be in there forever.” Hunter said with a smile as he took her hand in his.
Eli just smiled as her heart began to race again she was going into a horse barn for the first time in six years. She held on to Hunter’s hand he assumed she held it tight because she was afraid he knew nothing of her time with horses. He only knew the new her the city her.
Once in the barn the familiar smell hit her she couldn’t help but smile, how she had missed it.
“Hunter!” A loud voice boomed from the other side of a near by horse.
“Dad.” He said with a smile as he walked over to him.
“It’s good to see you son.” They shook hands, then his father turned to the horse, “What do you think of this new guy?”
“He looks like a horse to me dad.” Hunter said as he walked over to Eli and brought him over, “Dad this is Eli my fiancÚ, Eli this is my dad Monty.”
“As in Monty Monroe?” She asked looking at Hunter then back at Monty
“Yeah?” Hunter looked at her confused, “Why?”
“I just I’ve heard your name before.” She said with a smile shaking his hand. She remembered how many times she dreamed of joining one of Monty Monroe’s clinics with Parker. Her old trainer had told her right before the accident she sent in an application to one of his clinics, but she never found out if she made it, after the accident she didn’t care anymore.
“So what do you think of my new horse?” he asked.
“He’s beautiful.” She said glancing him over she could tell he had everything someone would look for in a horse. He was built like a dream he was perfection that only money could buy. “But does he have it his heart to jump?” She asked looking back to Monty. Something she had learned from Parker he wasn’t built like perfection the reason he jumped so well, the reason he seemed to float around the course was because of his will to jump. Just because a horse had all the correct conformation didn’t mean they would jump or at least do everything they could to keep a poll up.
“Of course.” Monty said patting the horse.
“Dad we are going to go into the house and get settled.” Hunter interrupted.
“Nonsense show your fiancÚ around the barn.” Monty said with a smile.
“Dad I don’t know any of the horses still here.” Hunter shook his head.
“Alright I will do it.” Monty said with a smile, “Follow me.” He held out his arm to her so she would grab on. Eli smiled and took his arm as he led her around the barn.

All the horses in the barn was amazing she had dreamed of Monty Monroe’s farm and see his horses so many times and now here she was. Her dream was gone of ever riding again her mother had seen to that when she sold Parker. When they came to the last stall Monty didn’t introduce the horse instead he just smiled and looked at her, “And those are all the show horses we have between the boarders and my lesson horses.”
“What about this one?” Eli looked at the horse carefully it looked so familiar to her.
“Oh her.” Monty said, “My wife bought her, she felt bad for the mare.”
“What does she do?” Eli asked.
“Nothing.” Monty sighed, “Except waist money but she won’t let me get rid of her.”
Hunter walked up, “I remember when mom bought her.”
“She used to be a beautiful hunter she couldn’t be touched in the hunter ring.” Annabelle said as she walked up to the group, “I still think if someone actually worked with her she could be great again.”
“Honey we have tried many times she’s just to spooked to angry.” Monty said shaking her head.
“What is her name again?” Hunter asked.
Eli didn’t know what came over her, but the moment Hunter asked the question she knew who the horse was and couldn’t stop the words from falling out of her mouth, “Impala.” She said softly.
“Yes.” Annabelle said looking at her surprised, “How did you know it isn’t on her stall?”
“I used to ride a little bit.” She said looking at them quickly. “And I used to see her around a bit.”
“You did?” Hunter asked.
“Yeah.” She shook her head, “I mean when I was sixteen but I moved to the city and haven’t ridden since.”
“You should try again since you guys will be here all summer.” Monty said smiling.
“I don’t know.” Eli said slowly
“Maybe you can try working with Impala.” Annabelle said with a smile, “It would be so nice to see someone working with her.”
“I can’t.” Eli said as she walked away, she couldn’t work with another horse not again.
“Eli!” Hunter called after her.
“Did we say something wrong?” Annabelle asked.
“I don’t know, just drop the horse thing maybe she quit for a reason.” Hunter told them shaking his head, “Not everyone’s life revolves around horses like you guys.”

Meganu657 01-30-2013 07:08 PM

love it!!!!

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