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Saddlebag 11-13-2012 05:13 PM

Place the call to the vet to have my old dog put down. Getting him into a vehicle was never good even when he was younger, always the risk of getting bitten. I await the call from the vet. The dog is almost 12, old for a large breed. His strength has been waning for some time. He's been very protective of me and would offer that I grab his scruff when the footing was bad. Somehow his big claws could always find traction. Of late, I've been helping him. I shall miss him. It's time.

NorthernMama 11-13-2012 05:45 PM

When it's time, it's time. Be glad that you can offer the release for him. We did the same for our 14 yr old Rottie/Shepherd cross a couple of years ago. When it's time, it's the best to be firm in the decision.

Saddlebag 11-14-2012 09:00 AM

The old dog is gone. It was odd to do morning feeding and him not accompanying me. I automatically checked his water dish. I did experience a sense of great relief last evening. I had decided several months back I wouldn't take him in to winter and I did but yesterday I realized I needed to make the call.

FlyGap 11-14-2012 09:05 AM

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Huge hugs!
I miss my old boys, still look for them. You did right.
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Speed Racer 11-14-2012 09:06 AM

Condolences, Saddlebag. It's always hard to lose an old friend.

My Dane is 9 y/o, and I've been watching her slowly deteriorate. I'll let her go when she can no longer maintain her balance.

MHFoundation Quarters 11-14-2012 09:25 AM

Big hugs. Such a hard thing. I had to do the same a year ago with my 16 year old shorthair. It still stings :(

Golden Horse 11-14-2012 09:28 AM

Big ((((HUGS)))) it is always so hard to let an old friend go. Back in the summer I said I wouldn't let 14 year old Muttley go through another winter, but since the snow is down he seems to have found a new lease on life again:-)

themacpack 11-14-2012 09:48 AM

I am so very sorry. It sounds like the two of you have had a good run of things together.

BarrelWannabe 11-14-2012 10:29 AM

I was in your shoes not long ago.

It's the only thing I don't love about having pets. Times are great when they're happy and healthy, but once they start down the hill, it can be a struggle.

I said goodbye to my old man almost two months ago, and things just aren't the same.
Take light in the fact that you were the giver of his release and not due to illness or prolonged suffering.

The mind is for invisioning old memories, and the heart is for feeling them. Through good and bad, he is greatful.

Time will heal your sorrow.
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Saddlebag 11-14-2012 06:16 PM

Humans, really, are a strange lot. We know when we take in animals that we will have to make this heart-wrenching decision, yet we take them in anyway. Thank you everyone for your kind words and hugs.

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