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KiwiRyder 09-04-2008 11:31 PM

Sisters up to mischief We are world famous hehe
My sister recently broke up with her fiance of 8 yrs so all she wants to do is party & she has been dragging my hermit arse out. I am not a big fan of getting dressed up & going out but we did have great night last friday here we are have a peek offical website & all special huh?
We hitting the town again tonight not going to drink as much this time, last time I hooked a cute surfer guy then lost him in my drunkeness not very attractive nor me!

Vidaloco 09-06-2008 03:58 PM

Looks like your having fun. I feel bad for your sister though. 8 years is a long time to be with someone then have it all come crashing down. Take care of your sister, she is probably in a pretty bad place.

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