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DrumRunner 11-14-2012 05:21 PM

New Addition: Maggie the Miniature Donkey
Well.. It really wasn't my fault this time. My Papa has been having problems with dogs harassing his sheep so he made up his mind that he wanted a miniature donkey. Me being the "horse" person, I got elected to go with him to pick out a mini donkey. I'm just laughing the whole ride there teasing him about him now owning a "hay burner" as he refers to all equines. We get there and he announces *I* am the new owner of a miniature donkey. I really didn't see it coming, I guess I should have, but I didn't. However, this mini donkey was one of MANY young mini donkeys in this field, none of which have really been handled. Great.. So we herd four jennies into a small area and close the gate. I am then told to pick one out.. I ended up with a half-wild coming 2 year old miniature donkey. We get this thing home and I have to wrestle a halter on her and let me tell you, mini donkeys are MUCH stronger than mini horses.. I had no idea. I'm right at 100lbs and this thing isn't much bigger, she pulls me all over the place before I can manage to get her into her new turnout area, which is maybe an acre until I manage to tame the thing down.. Let Maggie's little adventure begin!

Day 1: Maggie is NOT a fan of people, she is even more not fond of being tied. Favorite thing about Maggie so far: She can't break a lead rope snap or halter. WIN! She has to endure cuddles and brushing for a few hours..Which she quickly becomes accustomed too.. surprisingly.

"I do NOT like the situation!"

"I don't like you.. I shall hide behind this tree and peep at you."

Day 2: Maggie now associates me with treats and tasty things - I'm not so bad after all. Vast improvement from day 1. I was very impressed. She's starting to trust me and will now lead for a few steps then figures out she doesn't like it again and stand there. She doesn't like it when I'm not paying her attention though, I can just sit in her food bucket and play with my phone.. Her buddy the goat thinks he should sit in my lap while this is going on and Maggie wants to sniff of me and try to sneak rubs on my back. She now will bray when I leave and she's not too thrilled about it.

"Oh hai person, do you haz a cookie for me?"

"Oh come on, I KNOW you haz cookie for me."

"what are you doing there, why aren't you giving me cookie?"

And this is her buddy the goat.. the first time she brayed he ran away from her and looked at her like "Oh my God! WTF are you doing!?!"

MHFoundation Quarters 11-14-2012 05:28 PM

How cute! It's a good thing you just got her or she would have rode home to Indiana in the back seat of the focus with Morgan lol!
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Endiku 11-14-2012 05:31 PM

What a cutie! Sounds to me like she won't be too hard to train, if she's already coming to you for 'cookies.' I spent over three months trying to catch our john donkey when we first got him, and dispite working with him a lot he STILL doesn't lead very well xD

and be warned...just like they're much stronger than miniature horses, they're quite a bit more clever too. I've found that ours are both houdinis and you can't ever insist that they do something that they think they shouldn't. lol

SorrelHorse 11-14-2012 05:33 PM

I need her...As of like...Yesterday, :lol:

Fulford15 11-14-2012 05:34 PM

Too cute!! :D

kayleeloveslaneandlana 11-14-2012 05:39 PM

Oh my goodness that's so cute! The 3rd pic make her ears look even bigger ahaha that's amazing. She pulls that blue halter off very well too :D.

SlideStop 11-14-2012 10:11 PM

Aww!! I'm working with four mini donks too. Two broke to drive and two rather ill trained ones. I bring all 4 into the indoor arena. Walk away from them and say "come on donks" when they come they get ONE honey nut cheerio (lol) practice for 20 minutes and I had the naughty donkeys leading very quietly when normally they typically would be rearing and dragging the leader.

Another thing I've learned is that TIME is so important to them. Just sitting there and letting them except and enjoy your presence. I scratch them from their ear to their tails. The two good ones bray when they see me coming and even the naughty ones pop over to say hi (they used to be barely catchable).

Oh, and cheerios are my BFF with these guys! ;)

If you have any questions give me a holler!
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littrella 11-14-2012 10:22 PM

welcom to the world of mini donks! be careful though, they will steal you heart!

alexis rose 11-15-2012 12:20 AM

I can't imagine life without a donkey. Stubbs has stole our hearts even though he is a houdini also and it takes a lot more to outsmart him. But his personality is sooooo funny and entertaining. He will even go and pick up his bowl and bring it to me when it is feeding time. His favorite treat is a pretzel. lol

Barrelracer00 11-15-2012 07:04 AM

I have 2! They defiantly are great gaurds. If you have any questions about them, ask because we had to tame them just like you and Maggie. They are now sweet and loving and I really couldn't ask for more :)

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