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imhispunkin 11-15-2012 02:15 AM

Emaciated Horse
I am not sure if this is where this thread should be, im new so I apologize ahead of time if it should be somewhere else.
I need advice....ASAP
My daughter was dating a guy and his parents live at a horse stable (run it so they think). My daughter has always loved horses and this was her chance to have one of her own. Well, her boyfriend found 2 rescue horses for them. One, a Paint named Dakota and the other a Quarter Horse named Amarillo. Well, They both needed to put some weight on, and they both did.
I also had always wanted a horse for myself and found one and moved her and her 3 pasture friends there. (Lucy was mine) The other 3 were given to other owners who also chose to board there. I was told all I needed to do was help with the purchase of hay. No problem. Well, as I was going out to see my Lucy, I was noticing that there was never any hay there. These people were getting board money for the other 14 horses there. Which should of given them plenty of money to buy plenty of hay. My husband and I live an hour away from this place so we gave money to the the stable runners since they have people to buy hay from in their area and that way when they needed it they could go get it. They started calling us allllll the time for money for hay. Dakota, my daughters horse was starting to lose weight he had put on....His ribs were starting to show....I finally started buying hay myself and I told them this hay is for Dakota and Lucy only....We just couldn't afford to keep giving them money constantly that wasn't even being spent on the horses. Within a month Dakota is now emaciated, he walks with his head down, he has no energy and his ribs, hip bones and spine are more than visible....The other horses that are boarded out there also now have ribs showing and have visibly lost alot of weight. I have since moved Lucy, due to not being able to deal with these peoples craziness and the couple times I went to see her before I moved her she had not been fed nor watered..NOt acceptable...Not to mention that the 3 other mares and my Lucy that came there from the same place, were very healthy girls, well they were losing weight too. The man that transported Lucy for us was very distraught seeing Dakota the way he is, we have been told if he don't get moved he will not make it through winter, he literally looks like skin over just bones...He is only 5 and looks 85. He is no longer my daughters horse as the boyfriend and her have broken up over all the drama t with his parents. But these horses need help, I do not know what to do...I have emailed the Hooved Animal Society in that area but to no avail I have not heard anything back. I just am sickened by all of this, I need to know who to call to get these people investigated and hopefully get these horses out of there. It is Bureau county in Illinois. Please help me, help these horses. Thank you

Stockhorsegal 11-15-2012 02:25 AM

Do you still own your other horse? the best I can say to do is to look into the farms history, try to see what the deworming scheduled was (if there was one) and the same with the vaccination scheduled. If you can't find one that could enough to get a rescue group out there. when you went to the barn did you ever see any hay anywhere? as for your horse, if she's still skinny I would switch her to perhaps 25% alfalfa hay, and 75% timothy. that will help fatten her up, I need to go back to the deworming schedule simply because if she wasn't dewormed right she will most likely have trouble gaining weight. also, ask other farms near there about the farm, see what they know. If you here something over, and over again, it's probably got some fact in it

Lins 11-15-2012 02:31 AM

Have you called the SPCA? or Animal control?

franknbeans 11-15-2012 06:34 AM

If the animal authorities will not interceded, personally, I would take pictures and send them to the the local TV-they love stories like this, and that MAY get the actual animal welfare folks to do something. You could also try and contact local rescues who may know some of the local welfare folks as well as your local laws and how to get around them. Good luck!

alexis rose 11-15-2012 07:34 AM

Is Dakota still there? If somebody gets involved I think you will be charged for neglect for him too because he is your daughter's horse.

Iseul 11-15-2012 08:59 AM

I have a feeling that Dakota never actually belonged to the daughter..I think Mr. Boyfriend let her "have him" while they were dating and she doesn't have a bill of sale or anythig actually connecting him to her, so I doubt you and your daughter will be charged for neglect for him.

But, I think the press is the way to go as long as you're careful not to go to the point of slander/defamation of character, etc-as that can get you sued. If you have receipts or paid with checks to the farm owner's, make sure you keep those and kept track of them, along with boarding contracts (if you had one, which you should've...) if you were to recharged for neglect. Those receipts/checks will allow you to have proof that you did as you were suppose to for Dakota, the property owner's/barn managers/barn owner's on the other hand, did not do as was agreed.
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Speed Racer 11-15-2012 09:33 AM

Call AC and get the media involved if you need to. These horses won't make it through winter if they're not fed properly.

caseymyhorserocks 11-15-2012 10:57 AM

Well, now you are on sticky ground. You could and the person who is supposed to be feedingyour horse could be charged for neglect because you saw it happening and didn't do anything about it. Move your horse to a better facility and get weight on him fast for winter (i just hope you dont have harsh winters..) and report the neglected horses. Good luck!

Speed Racer 11-15-2012 11:28 AM

Casey, the OP has already moved the horse they own. Dakota's not really theirs, the daughter's BF just said he was while they were dating.

imhispunkin 11-15-2012 12:11 PM

My horse has been moved as well as 2 of the others that went there with her. Dakota unfortunetly is still there. While he i was in my daughters care she was doing everything she could to get him to gain weight. He just wouldn't. We did worm him and he was UTD on his coggins. As for him being my daughters horse, the boyfriend I guess only let him be hers while they were dating. They did at times have hay. They would buy enough to feed for a day at a time, sometimes. My Lucy is back to her weight, she is in a pasture now and doing great. I just wish someone would get back to me. I am calling a rescue today and hopefully they can help these horses. These people have no business taking care of these horses...Thank you all for your responses!!!!!

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