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imhispunkin 11-15-2012 02:44 AM

My Life with Lucy Lou!
[COLOR="Purple"]Hi, My name is Jennifer and I am new please forgive me if I ramble on and one and on :)
I have always wanted a horse just never had the means and never knew where to start. Well, that all changed 2 months ago. My daughter, Chaela started dating a guy named Mike. Well, he lived with his parents at a stable that they rented. Chaela, has always been interested in horses, when she was younger she went to week long horse camps and helped a women at her stables. Well, this was her opportunity to own a horse. She found a horse that needed love and a new life. I was so excited for her. Well, seeing her with her horse and me now having the means and a place to put a horse, I found one. Her owner had passed away 3 months prior and the husband was disabled and couldn't take care of her like she needed. So my husband said well lets go get her.
We get to her home and way out in the pasture I see the tallest horse I have ever seen in person. We go into the gate and she just runs towards us, she was alone because she had 3 pasture sisters that had already left. (luckily to the same place Lucy was going). She gets up to us and is so friendly, but good gosh all mighty she was huge. :) She is 18 years old and stands 18hh. I am 5 feet tall....But it was strange because I immediately felt this feeling as this is going to be my best friend. I put a halter on her and led her to the trailer mind you she has not been worked with for a year and half due to the illness that took her owners life. She did not want to get in the trailer. But with coaxing we got her safely in. She traveled well to her new home. Little did we know though that her life at the new home would be short lived. At first they treated her well, but we live about an hour away and I didn't get to be with her daily. She was happy when she got there because the other 3 horses that were like her babies were there. She was put out in a pen, between 2 of her sisters. Time came for us to start working with her and teaching her who was boss she didn't like to be told what to do unless it was something she wanted to do. But I would be the same way if I were allowed for a year and a half to do whatever I wanted. I haltered her and attached her lead rope and started walking her through the stable to the indoor arena, that was short lived also, she reared up on me. I believe someone at the stable whom calls themselves a trainer had done something to her during the short time she was there. Because when I first took her there I had to go through the indoor arena to get her to her pen and she did not act like that. And normally when I went to go see her she would hear my voice and nay until she could see me and I would pet her. But after she spooked about the arena I would go to see her and she would flinch if I tried to pet her, until I reassured her I wold not her. I also found out though that she was not being fed right, only 10lbs of hay a day, and times I went out there and she had no water, not even a sign that she had had water recently. When I took her there she was a VERY healthy girl, When we finally left she was showing signs of malnutrition......Now, Lucy is close to me where I can see her whenever I want and She is back in a pasture with other horses. I have gained her trust and she has gained her weight back too. She is happy and she is free. Soon I will have her rebroke so I can start riding her. She has not reared since I took her out of the hell she was in. She has my heart, She is my best friend, I have told her that I love her and will keep her safe :) :D

imhispunkin 11-19-2012 12:04 AM

Since Lucy has been at her new home she has been so happy!!!! She has become great pals with Sampson and Star. I get to see her whenever I want and she gets to eat and drink!!!!!! No one is hurting her and I don't have to worry about "THINGS" going on with her or to her when I'm not around.
I went out everyday this weekend. Friday, I took her out and groomed her and we walked for a bit. We are working on her disciplines. She likes to stop and eat grass when i'm trying to work with her. That is a no no in my book. But on Saturday when I went out, I worked with her some more and she is listening now. We did end up having to use a chain with the lead rope but this worked much better than just the halter and lead. Also, My we bought her a new bridle and bit. Knowing that she has been ridden and is saddle broke, but she has not been ridden for a year and a half. She took the bit right away and we put a saddle on her, she didn't move. So my husband got on her.....once again she didn't move. He sat there for a bit and got down. She was so good. We didn't ride her though....I am working on the disciplines and then we will ride.
Well, today, Sunday....I got on her. It was difficult due to the height thing...She is very tall compared to me, It took a step ladder and my husbands help....But I did it and she was very good. I squeezed my legs a little and my husband held on to the lead rope and she walked very slowly for me, which was all I wanted. :) I feel accomplished. I do not want to push her into anything for both of our safety. But I feel that we are going to be good for each other and she will do just fine.

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