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iloverains 11-15-2012 05:41 AM

Raising Awareness - 'Wastage'
I know most of you know about the industry but it would be great if you have some time to contact a state/s in Australia to raise awareness to stop over breeding. Make rules to Limit breeding or something. So making it less to be killed. Or anything, just so the poor things don't have to be tortured and un-cared for. Murdered.

Please don't watch the video if you dislike torture. (who likes it, but some can handle it) It's wrong, it's not fair. Please help Australia deal with the breeding and/or slaughtering of OTTBs, one country at a time.

Tell Racing Bosses: I won't bet while horses die... | TAKE ACTION

(go to the site above and follow the directions)

I wish I had 10000 acres and could save every single one to live out there days in pure happiness.
Thanks for reading.

I've contacted all the local racing studs/trainers around and they all (not many unfortunately) Sell/giveaway their horses to people who train them, or they live out there days in the back paddock. So yes, it isn't everyone, but it's way to many.

MyFillyAspen 11-15-2012 06:06 AM

Me too, I would love to be able to save them. I actually wouldn't care half as much as I do, if the slaughter and transportation was humane to the horses, until then my hair raises and my blood boils..

This article was also posted. Secret footage shows race horses being shot - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Im lucky, as this year I have been working at a local racing stable (I didnt want to do racing, but was 'the only career with horses around here' according to my school - yeah right), and I ride at a horse riding centre, which I am also now Team Manager at, that takes in some TB's from the doggers directly.... my friend/boss has now told me (after our multiple discussions on how I hate working there considering where their horses end up 'because they are useless'), that I can give them her number's and email adress and she will take the quieter sensible TB's that I recommend would work well retrained in the riding school. :smile:

muumi 11-15-2012 06:11 AM

Yes. There is little conscience in the industry about breeding dozens of horses for one winner. And its not just an Australian problem either... anywhere there is racing it will be like this. Dog racing is as bad or worse, as the litters of puppies are bigger, so more un-useful animals are bred. I think its for that reason that dog-racing is illegal here in South Africa. Something to think about when it comes to horse-racing?

Tracer 11-15-2012 07:24 AM

I was never unaware of what happened to the horses that didn't make it (once I was old enough to think about it, that is), but I never imagined it would be so inhumane. A shotgun is a great tool when used properly, and a clean shot will kill the animal instantly. But with the horses unrestrained, it would be easy to miss and cause excess amounts of pain.

Slaughter is a necessary evil for pretty much every animal in the world, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Those videos show the wrong way. I'm pretty sure that there are people out there that use the right way, and they all need to follow in that example. Almost anything would be better than this - the 'stun gun' method would probably be the only viable one considering that many of them are using for consumption by either humans or animals.

And doing it in front of the other horses... That's just horrible. I could almost forgive this treatment if the horse was separated completely from the rest of the herd.

Like muumi mentioned though, it's not just thoroughbreds that face things like this. You've got your Standardbreds, of course, and then there's greyhounds. I don't know about in America, but a lot of failed Australian greyhounds find themselves left on train tracks. How's that for a way to go. I honestly wish that they would develop a gas chamber idea or something of the sort that could be used on all animals. A cheaper option to the 'green dream' that the breeders wouldn't be so reluctant to use. Even if it was just enough to sedate them, to knock them out...

Eugh. I'm all annoyed and upset now.

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