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Breella 11-15-2012 10:47 AM

"Sharing" feed and bedding at the barn
When we brought Topaz & Kitty home my MIL and I got into the habit of sharing our feed and bedding. We went in together on a whole pallet of the pine pellets that we like for bedding and we were originally going to switch off on who buys the grain each time the bag is empty. We also have started going halves on the hay delivery.

This just isn't working any more. I use more bedding than she does, she uses more grain then I do, Et. Yesterday she noticed how much cleaner Topaz's stall was than Kitty's and asked me if we could switch stalls until Kitty's feet are healed from her abscesses. She said that she thinks it's cleaner because it gets more natural sunlight and better airflow. I didn't answer her because I know my stall is cleaner because I spend more time working on it than she spends on her stall. Today I am sick and she went to do the AM feeding and turn out. Kitty is on stall rest, and when I wake up and check the camera Kitty is in Topaz's stall.

I'm a chicken and I'm scared of confronting her about splitting from our current shared situation. Any thoughts or words of wisdom?

Speed Racer 11-15-2012 10:51 AM

If you're too afraid to speak to her about it, nothing will change.

You need to think about what you want to propose. What is it that you're hoping to accomplish? Do you want to go in separately for your bedding and feed but still go in halves for the hay, or do you want to for each of you to pay for everything for your own horses?

You need to have a logical plan of action before you can address the issue.

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