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Phly 11-15-2012 11:24 PM

Anyone else use an old trusty truck to go to shows?
When I started shopping for a truck to take our trailer and horses to shows I wanted something I could fix. Ended up with a 1984 Chevy. 454 auto trans. 76000 miles. It's carbureted and hei ignition. It'll run one way or another! We show in some pretty far out there places, and I like goin home! Lol. Yeah the old bucket ain't much to look at but the a/c works and it'll pull 5 horses up a grade fast as any cummins. Just cost a lil more fuel! Anyone else like or agree with the security of any easily repaired pullin trucks?
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Saddlebag 11-16-2012 10:27 PM

I drove 20 year old Fords for years. None needed major work, brakes, exhaust, and all went close to half a million miles. The latest is a 2003 and I'm sure missing my old floor shift that just kept going down the road.

HappyHoofPrints 01-28-2013 08:29 AM

We bought a 2004 Chevy dually (Ziva) 1 1/2 yrs ago and is evil on gas :-(
Have a 1964 Jeep Gladiator stepside pickup we are going to restore this year and see how she does. I am "so over it!" with all the electronic/brains mess that will malfunction if you sneeze! leaving us and our beloved horses stranded on the road side for something we cannot work on ourselves.
So, Gladiator (Baby Ziva), here we come !...and you better pull and stop! my 2 horse slant Exiss with Sweet Mare Mariah aboard :-)
We are also great fans of the older rides! Hubby has a 1955 Chevy Belair as his daily driver! Very Big Cool Factor :-)

Joe4d 01-28-2013 12:48 PM

hoping my 06 dodge cummins ends up that way. I bought it because it is super easy to work on compared to Ford or chevy products,. yeh its kinda cheap made, but I can do most anything to it.

Saddlebag 01-28-2013 06:43 PM

For years I bo't Fords between 10 and 15 yrs old, standard transmission. Each one wound up giving me half a million miles. Repairs- brakes and exhaust on all of them. They started looking like they'd seen war service but they just kept going down the road. Easy to fix. My 2003 Ford is a nightmare under the hood. Within a week of buying it I was wanting the old one back.

HappyHoofPrints 01-28-2013 10:37 PM

'64 Jeep Gladiator pickup
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BEFORE re-build :-) They marketed these trucks to pack slide-in campers and haul heavy! oak firewood to the rooftop and go up California mountain sides :-) Will post more as we go and look forward to putting "Baby Ziva" to work going to rides!!

EthanQ 01-28-2013 10:54 PM

We have an ORANGE 1996 Ford Diesel, single cab, flatbed. Works just fine for hauling the trailer. We are always laughed at at the shows for having a rusty truck & trailer, but it serves its purpose. Haha.

Phly 01-28-2013 11:07 PM our war wagon, cause pics are fun lol
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WSArabians 01-28-2013 11:17 PM

I just got a new truck. But I have no trailer yet. LOL

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