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PasoFinoPower 11-17-2012 07:18 PM

Explain your first jumping moment!
Okay, I just want to see what people say about their first time jumping. To start things off, today was my VERY first time jumping! Kay, so this is how it all went down: My instructor had me do some pole work at the trot. Each time I go there, she has me go through a longer obstacle course. Today I did two-point over five trotting poles, then went around and weaved in and out between three cones. Then I went around to the left and did a wide circle around a tree and trotted toward the last pole. I didn't notice it until I got there, but the pole was raised on some blocks so it was about ten inches off the ground. I didn't expect Ruby to jump over it at the trot!

After I realized what happened, I was like.... "OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I just jumped my first jump!!!!!!!!!!" I was SO ecstatic!

My instructor then taught me about long and short release. I went over the jump again, and I did exactly what she told me to do, and she was so happy for me. I had an idiotic grin glued on my face all the way home. I still do now!!! Even though it was like ten inches, it was still a jump!

Oh my gosh, i jumped for the first time! How was your guys's first time?

Tracer 11-17-2012 07:27 PM

Mine was kind of similar to yours. Back in 2010 I was doing a horse course, and a part of it involve riding. A fair way through they decided to start swapping us around on horses, and I got put on a thoroughbred gelding who was a lot softer than the others I had been riding. He also had very short, bouncy strides.

When I saw that we were stepping up from cavaletti to a small jump, I almost freaked. I'm no good with bouncy horses, let alone trying new things on them. But, we popped over it in the trot with no problems, which was a relief! We did that a couple of times, and that's it. Haven't jumped since, although I'd like to do a little bit more in the future.

JamieLeighx 11-17-2012 07:53 PM

I can't explain my first jumping experience because it was so long ago!
These are the two memories I have of jumping that pop into my head straight away.

The last time I properly jumped my loan horse Dealer that I had was almost a year and a half ago. I was jumping 80cm and decided to put it up to 1m(I had never jumped anything over about 60 before I had Dealer and progressed A LOT with him) anyway, my mum decided to come watch me jump 1m for the first time. Dealer completely bombed it! The jump was 1m but I think he thought it was 1.50cm lol, I lost balance landed on his neck and fell off:P

Then last Wednesday it was my first time jumping in a year. It was about 50cm, looked tiny from a distance but the closer I got the bigger it got! Jumped it a few times from a trot and felt great so tried it at a canter lost balance and was lying on her neck but I had no mane to hold onto so I slid off the side lol!
Jumped it again from a canter with no hands and it was great! Best jump I've ever had! That is why you should always get back on and try again:)
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bsms 11-17-2012 08:12 PM

Well, I'll tell you - but it won't be QUITE the story you expect.

About 40 years ago, I got to rent a horse to go on a trail ride. It was my first time on a horse's back. Naturally, they had a bombproof horse for me to ride, and a big ol' western saddle with horn to hang on to - if needed.

Well, shortly before the halfway point, Ol' Bombproof spooked. Spun and bolted for home. That would have been bad enough, but part of the trail had been blocked off with a log - but Bombproof didn't know it. Not sure how high it was - probably 12 inches, although as we galloped toward it it looked like someone had cut down a sequoia and left it in the path.

Not sure where they found one of these in southern Arizona, so maybe my memory is a bit hazy:

With cactus on either side, and home ahead, Bombproof never slowed. I stood up in the stirrups and we were on the other side before I could get scared. Bombproof finally came to a halt at his corral. A fellow there asked if I was OK. "Well", I said, "the goin' sure took longer than the comin'".

I didn't want my Mom to freak, so when she drove in to pick me up from the 1 hour trail ride I didn't say a thing. Neither did the stable, which kept the full price of the ride. I was able to talk my Mom into paying for a few more trail rides before she said it cost too much and horses were stupid and why did I want to waste good money riding horses.

Now I'm 54. I've ridden Mia over a few 12 inch 'jumps'. Part of me would like to learn jumping, but another part of me thinks it would cost too much for lessons given that I don't want Mia to do jumping (don't think she is well suited for it, physically or temperamentally). But that WAS my first (and darn near last) time jumping! :D

shaggy 12-06-2012 05:49 AM

I kinda have to first times jumping. The first time jumping with my cousins horse and the first time jumping with my own horse.

First was my cousin horse. He's a big 16hh eventing QH so he's huge compared to Shaggy, but last spring break We were taking turns riding him and my cousin said "wanna jump him?" and I was like "ok" So she lowered her jump poles we had set up to like just One ft. and i took a deep breath and trotted toward it being an trained jumper he tucked his feet and actually jumped! which i wasnt expecting but it was amazing and i didnt come off! Later on that day We took him over a 2ft fallen tree in another part of her farm. Sadly this last time we were down there i choked when i got on him so i barely was able to trot him let alone jump him. =(

Now for Shaggy. We did the ground poles all that stuff before i made a little cross rail. He would trot over perfect but not actually jump and tuck his feet. The first time he jumped and tucked his feet was the most amazing feeling because we worked hard and got to that point on our own without a trainer or anything.

heymckate 12-06-2012 05:04 PM

My first "jump" was three poles stacked together to create about a six-inch tall trot pole. I also remember one time a horse I was riding decided to take all four trot poles in one jump rather than trot through them. I think that was my first introduction to jumping, though very unofficially.

When I took my first official jump, I was riding trot pole horse again. My instructor set up a small cross rail against a wall, and my group lesson was instructed to trot over it. Each time we went around she raised it a hole, and it was exhilarating to my 10-year-old brain. Honestly, I don't remember a ton about it except mane. I remember the horse's mane flying up into my field of vision each time we jumped over.

OliviaMyee 12-06-2012 05:16 PM

My first time jumping was when i was cantering a new a School horse i had never ridden before Misty. Until i lost control and Misty turned towards the gate, on the way towards the gate there was a 30-40 cm log on the border on the arena.. Misty jumped it and luckily i didn't fall of when she stopped at the gate, i think i fell on to her neck but im pretty sure i didn't fall of. Well that was 2 or 3 years ago.

jaydee 12-06-2012 05:43 PM

Other than little low poles my first real jump was age 8 on my 12 hand pony being led over a race hurdle by a stablegirl who was riding the guvnors horse (My first ponies were kept on an uncles race yard)
I thought it was amazing - but that pony was a real schoolmaster jumper and didnt know how to put a dirty stop or cat leap in.

DoubleS 12-06-2012 05:46 PM

My first real, genuine, JUMP was three years ago! ( I 'jumped' my Shetland over little logs and stuff before, but I'm not counting those!)
I was about 12 and had owned my pony, Putts, for a year.
So I was riding bareback on one of the trails by the house with my friend. We were just walking along and saw that a huge, dead tree had fallen. It is upper thigh height for me probably a good two and a half feet diameter. Anyway, it was huge to me. My friend and I decided we would jump it with our horses. I went first, so I just cantered him up to it, and he jumped it, no problem. I was super awkward with it, but I just basically gripped with my thighs, grabbed some mane, and went in to my version of a 2-point, haha! From then on, I was hooked and we started doing some bareback jumping, and then I got an English saddle, took a couple lessons, learned how to do a legit 2-point, and now we jump a lot!
The tree is now a log (cut off all the branches and made it safer to jump) is still there and we jump it whenever we go that way now! :)

Horsealot 12-14-2012 12:13 AM

I was riding a old ranch gelding (about six years ago) and there was a log in the middle of the arena. The older kids had been roping it and dragging it around. My little eight year-old self got a wild hair, thinking of all of the times I'd read about jumping in books and seen it in movies. The log was about 12" high, and I trotted the gelding towards it. As I got closer to it, I expected him to just trot over it. But NOOO, he rocked back on his hind end and catapulted over the log. I was clinging to the horn of my saddle, terrified but delighted. I have never jumped properly, but I'll pop over a little jump bareback every once in a while.

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