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Smokum 11-19-2012 03:46 PM

Mini Conformation
I have a miniature filly. She is just now 6 months old.
I brought her home at 5 months old.
She was trimmed 3 times before I brought her home.
Her next Appointment is This week friday.

I believe she needs corrective trimming.

Her front legs are knee knocked.
Her back legs are cow hocked.

I have read many article's about mini foals and development as many people say they may grow out of this if corrective trimming and proper care.
Making sure they have limited running while maturing and bones are fusing.

Well.. I also breed and own big dogs. for the first 2 years of my puppies lives I let them be lazy and keep there activities to light paced fetching or more learning with fun games to stay active.

Could this be the same for a miniature horse? Less activity while growth and development?

While having light work outs and kept to trotting straight areas and not much bending or circles, unless kept very big.

Keep more to ground manors, conformation and light workouts?

Endiku 11-27-2012 09:03 PM

I try to let them self exercise. They generally know when enough is enough. Walking on a lead line, perhaps a tiny bit of trotting strictly for learning and not exercise, etc is really all she needs to be doing as far as manual exercise right now. Then turn her out and just let her have fun. She might just graze, she might feel like kicking her heels up a bit.

Just how knock kneed is she? Unfortunately miniatures are known for many conformational faults do to bad breeding, and some of it may not be fixable. However, looking into corrective trimming and having a coulceltation (sp?) can't hurt!

Smokum 11-30-2012 10:41 PM


I had the opportunity to meet both her parents and one of her siblings. The full sister was 3 years old and correct. The parents, both correct.
Its tough to view her standing normal? Every time I look at her or get a picture she stands differently.
I have a few pictures of her here: Click to see Gemma Bear

Endiku 11-30-2012 10:58 PM

a 'normal' conformation picture would be with her directly infront of you, with your camera level to her height to take the picture (it can be hard with minis) and her legs squared up, which means the back two are even and the front two are even. Then from the back with her standing square still with her tail moved out of the way, and lastly her chest, standing square, from toe to atleast mid neck.

I'd definitely look into corrective trimming, I think she could benifit from it. She's a cutie but definitely has her faults. (Don't worry, mine does too and she's plenty useful even with them!) Corrective trimming might help keep the stress minimal on her tendons as she grows and as an adult.

Unfortunately you wont be able to 'cure' that much of a fault at least with her being knock kneed, but I'm sure you can at least make her more comfortable if nothing else!

FeatheredFeet 12-01-2012 02:25 AM

Cute girl. In some pics her knock-knees don't look too bad, but she is very cow-hocked in all pics.

Probably not breeding quality, but still a lot you can do with her. Love her bright colouring. What breed of dogs do you breed?


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