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Jalter 11-20-2012 01:57 AM

Getting a new horse - At the same nightmare of a boarding center
Long story short, I bought my first horse last year. I recently had to sell him because of abusive kids who have nothing better to do, city workers who let him out of his stall at night, $1500 worth of stuff getting stolen from me, and small town cops who refuse to help. Anyways, now that my horse is out of the stables, I contacted the ASPCA and PETA.. (i know PETA can be waaay over the top, but in a place like this, it is necessary). At the end of this, I'll copy and paste the email I sent them so you can see the horrid conditions of some of these abused and neglected horses.

Anyways, I have been interested in a weanling for a while now. It was born to an idiot who knows nothing about horses (don't even get me started on that). I have plenty of experience with foals, but have never owned one (I am 17, have owned one horse, and regularly rode and handled three others).

The conditions seem to be perfect. I don't have a horse, but I want one. The owner is debating weather getting a foal was a good idea or not. I have a job and more than enough money to care for a foal (considering i had no financial problems with my Thoroughbred). After PETA comes in, they will most likely find a way to get the worst of the horse owners out of this "stable". With them gone, I don't need to worry about stolen stuff. I recently got my hands on a nice surveillance camera to help with the obnoxious kids. Also, my boyfriend (who used to live on a horse ranch) plans on helping me every step of the way, and seems just as excited about the foal as me.

My dad is all for me getting another horse, but he is concerned that my efforts won't work, and I'll have to sell this one too. Also when I am 18, I want to move out of this town (let's just say the town is no better than the stables), and will have to find a way to get the horse into a stable, while also worrying about getting myself an apartment, etc. I had this figured out with my last horse though (dad agreed he can feed him for a month or so while i get on my feet, I'll get a job and apartment, and then come back for my horse).

There is something about this foal, I've never felt like this about another horse. I want him so bad, but I'm debating weather it's the best idea or not. Take a look at this, it's what I sent to PETA. Hopefully, they will take care of a lot of these problems, but what do you think I should do? The current owner's ignorance endangers the foal (the guy thought foals have a pressure point on their tails that make them calm down, let's just say the mother wasn't please about her foals bleeding tail). I know it's not my responsibility to help every horse in need, but something about this foal gets to me, even moreso that some of these worse-off horses.

Email to PETA:

Here is where the stables are located, you can see an aerial view of the basic set up:

I tried expressing all of my disgust and anger of how the horses are treated at my stable, but it came out waaay to long for someone to want to read. I'll keep it short, just contact me by this email if you have any questions.

There is only one stable option to keep a horse for 200 miles. When I bought a horse, I decided to keep him here. It is very cheap to keep a horse down here ($30 per month). That is because it is a do it yourself thing (they only provide fencing for a 30x30 square, water, and if you put all the horse crap in a pile, it will be picked up once a week for you). They do not monitor the stable (well they do, but they don't do anything about the obvious problems), and they do not enforce their rules (things like one horse per 30x30 stall, or no one comes down after certain hours, etc).

I would have contacted you sooner with the issues at the stables, but there have been two cases of "snitches" coming back to their horses poisoned to death. I was hoping I could just deal with the way others treat their horses for another year until I could move my horse and I out of this town. Unfortunately, minding my own business gets me no where. Recently I have decided to sell him, for his own safety. Next week his new owners will be here to take him to his new, safer home. After he is gone, I have nothing to lose, and have no problem with reporting.

Crime is horrible. I have had $1500 worth of stuff stolen from me, locks cut, and my shed door broken. Kids frequently throw rocks at my horse and let him out of his stall at night. My friend's locks were cut, and someone bred their stallion to her mare without her permission. I know you guys can't do anything about that, but it may be something you want to know.

Something that I'm hoping you can do something about is how the horses are treated down here. Very few of the people who have horses down here know how to take care of and handle a horse properly. Abuse and neglect is common here. People think that beating their horses into submission will get the desired results (unfortunately, it works, so people continue to do it, when there are much more effective ways the same thing can be accomplished).

Most of the stalls are horrible. Horse crap is piled so high, horses sink down as they walk. Shelters are broken and haven't been fixed for years, which endanger the horses with the nails and sharp edges. Many horses are underweight and have bad hooves. Backyard breeders are very common. When a horse is too lame to ride (sometimes so lame that they would be better off put to sleep) they get turned into a broodmare, which is normal (until they have as many foals as some have, or are too lame to carry their own weight, let alone keep up with a foal).

It is not just one or two people who do this, but a big majority. Out of all of the people here, i'd say I approve of the way five owners treat their horses. These pictures I am about to show don't demonstrate the abuse, but they do show the worst of the neglect.

If the pictures won't show up, go to this link:
Flickr: jba1013's Photostream

This mare was declared to lame to be ridden many years ago (poor girl can barely walk, she just stands in one spot all day). This foal is her 18th from what I've heard. Just today i noticed the halter was starting to grow into his head, so i took it off after i got a picture.

This mare was a product of bad breeding and being ridden too young (notice her "x" shaped legs and dramatically dipped back). People think that continuously breeding her will make up for her not being what they wanted.

These are the best examples of bad stalls (crap piled way too high for comfort, hazardous shelters, etc)

Horses that have obviously bad feet (most of them limped)

Do these horses look happy? Many of them (five that I know of for sure) are never let out of their stalls. I'm not exaggerating on that.

Speed Racer 11-20-2012 05:59 AM

This is too small potatoes for PETA to bother with. They want the big, splashy stuff that will get them national coverage and notoriety. One crummy little stable in some podunk Nevada town won't even get you a return e-mail.

Besides, if this place is so horrible, why would you consider buying another horse and keeping it there?

I also don't get the connection where you think somehow you'd be given charge of the place, and get to throw out all the people of whom you don't approve. There are owners. No groups other than state or federal authorities can take away property, and it has to be a case of eminent domain where the property is needed for another use, and they pay the owner for it.

Also, at 17 y/o and never having raised a foal before, you're going to need professional help to turn it into a good equine citizen. Babies are much harder to deal with than already trained adult horses, and it's very easy to mess them up if you don't have prior experience.

muumi 11-20-2012 06:06 AM

I also fear nothing will change at those stables, or not enough will change to make it a safe environment for a horse. Do not keep your horse here. I know it may the only place close enough, but I'd rather rent a field and DIY it than keep my horse in this place.

To be blunt, if this is the only livery option I had, I would not have a horse.

Think twice and even three times. It won't be fair on the foal.

frizzy 11-20-2012 07:51 AM

I agree with the others. I definitely would not be buying a foal if I was in your situation. Sadly I don't think this is going to be changed.

If I was you I would wait until I have moved from said town set up apartment job etc THEN buy a new horse

Jalter 11-20-2012 08:02 AM

PETA has already agreed to come down here. And I'm pretty sure people are getting kicked out. Theplace is rented out by boarders and there are certain rules we have to follow (none are followed, but they can kick us out for not abiding by them).

And I did plan on getting help with my foal. I've already got a trainer picked out.

OutOfTheLoop 11-20-2012 08:21 AM

You think getting rid of the bad owners is going to fix the broken down stables and make the rules be enforced? That's the decision of the owner, and if they arnt doing it now, they arnt going to do it when people leave.
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Tianimalz 11-20-2012 08:22 AM

And exactly what are you trying to get someone who has no right to that property or business to do? :rofl: Hope you're comfortable with a group that loves to KILL domestic animals come out to a boarding stable you want to stay at.

Is it a place good for boarding? No, hell no. Why would you even CONSIDER taking a horse there? A YOUNG horse who would find even more ways to hurt itself?

Finish school, get your own land, then get a horse. You sound like a flustered 17 year old who thinks she should approve of everyone's standards.

muumi 11-20-2012 08:23 AM


Originally Posted by Jalter (Post 1765400)
PETA has already agreed to come down here. And I'm pretty sure people are getting kicked out. Theplace is rented out by boarders and there are certain rules we have to follow (none are followed, but they can kick us out for not abiding by them).

And I did plan on getting help with my foal. I've already got a trainer picked out.

Yes but, are those stables and fences going to be entirely torn out and rebuilt? I would doubt that if I were you. The whole set up has to be built up from scratch, and who is going to want to pay for that. Its pretty dangerous the way it is now.

muumi 11-20-2012 08:25 AM

Ha, posted at the same time as the above two saying the same thing.

Jalter 11-20-2012 08:32 AM

Also, the foal already lives at these stables. And don't act like I'm stuck up about these people owning horses. If you saw what was happening, you would want something done too.

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