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PasoFinoPower 11-21-2012 08:44 PM

What about this Paint Mare?
Big Beautiful Paint mare | Buy this Horse at

what do u think about her? i've been looking at her for a while and even though I probably won't be able to get her, she looks very nice. what do you think about her? i don't have any videos of her, just these pics. What about her conformation? and it says she's a companion only horse, but even though I haven't seen her in person, she looks okay enough to ride. I mean I'm probably making really drastic assumptions about a horse i've only seen on the computer, but idk. what do u think?

Casey02 11-21-2012 09:02 PM

Usually if they say she cant be ridden its for a reason, not because they don't want her to be rode...especially if she is coming from a rescue, im assuming vets have looked at her and confirmed that

PasoFinoPower 11-21-2012 09:05 PM

ahh.... true true.

verona1016 11-21-2012 09:06 PM

I wouldn't get her if you want a horse to ride. They don't say why she's companion only- I'd guess she's not broke to ride, and at 20 years old, I'd be inclined to leave her that way. It also says she was seized in a cruelty case, which means that she's probably had some very bad experiences with people and might be very reactive under saddle.

She does look like a nice enough horse if you're looking for a horse to keep your other horse(s) company. They don't mention any special needs, which is always nice.

PasoFinoPower 11-21-2012 09:12 PM

yeah... it's probably not going to happen cuz i'm just a teen dying for a horse. i know that sounds greedy but... ya know... I was bored as was looking at potential horses to buy. most likely not going to happen.. but you never know! never now if God'll give us the #s to win the lottery or something... XD

but yes, you're right. she probably should stay un-saddled and not try her under saddle. ur right.

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