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Elizabeth Bowers 11-23-2012 01:01 PM

Feeding regarding pigs
Ok once again i have another question about pigs. Though i have helped raise many, my inlaws still give me some strange management advice...:shock:
Is it ok to mix their feed in with their water source? Example, our pigs have one trough and they insist that i put both feed and water in it. I don't like to do this because every day i have to clean out the trough, and therefore is the risk of mold. The pigs don't care to drink soiled water. So i am concerned that they may not be getting enough to drink because of this. Does anyone else see any possible problems with feeding them this way?? :?
Thanks for you advice!!

Delfina 11-23-2012 01:12 PM

Well pigs LOVE dirty water..... given a mud puddle or clean water source, it's the dang mud puddle every time! That being said, I don't think dirty water is appropriate.

I think for pig raising that troughs (for food or water) isn't a good idea. They root around and waste a TON!

I have a 55gal barrel that we drilled a hole and installed a nipple about 4" from the bottom. As the pigs grow, I raise the barrel with 4x4 studs to keep it at a good height. I also have the barrel VERY tightly strapped to fenceposts to keep them from knocking it over.

Feed I do in a creep feeder. Pour in the 50lb bag of grain and they are good for a while. Completely enclosed so no mold or getting wet.

For the occasional table scraps, I have a tiny trough but that's all it's used for.

Pigs need a TON of water. I refill that 55gal barrel about every 3 days for 3 decently small pigs.

Elizabeth Bowers 11-24-2012 01:11 PM

wow thats alot!!! I carry water over to ours, roughly about 6-8 gallon jugs twice a day, since there are 6. Since they are kept in now and won't be allowed out until we get the fence finished. I really don't like the idea myself. They root and dump the trough half the time anyway. They were complaining that its because of me putting their feed along the wall on the ground for them to root for that we got so many rats. Sorry to tell them we had rats since the last time we had pigs they never left. I never realized how much water they drink in a day. Thank you i will suggest making or getting them another trough or two. We also just got another boar, and he's soo skittish, makes me wonder what his last owners did to him. :/

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