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rascalboy 11-23-2012 11:26 PM

Stability of Hyaluronex Syrup? And Info on Resveratrol
Hey all! I found some Hyaluronex Syrup for sale online and I'm considering buying it. My mare has extensive arthritis and spurs and I'm interested in a joint supplement. She's on MSM, as it helps her. I'm wondering about the stability of Hyaluronex Syrup. I know HA has a short shelf-life a lot of the time and is rendered ineffective when introduced to bacteria, and is supposed to be stored at cool temperatures so... how will this supplement fair with my mare? She gets fed through a revolving automatic feeder once a day, so I have 6 days worth made up at a time. It's winter here, so the temp is down.

Also, I've been hearing stuff about resveratrol. What's the scoop on that?

And Vaxamine EQ Tablets?

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