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FutureVetGirl 09-08-2008 12:32 PM

Home Grooming Kits...
I wasn't able to get a kit before... while I was in Budapest... so... once again... I'm looking at putting one together.

My Dad said that IF we choose to move out to the "camp" (hard to explain), that I might be able to get a horse. So... if we do... I'd get Mozart. Of course.

But anyways... for now... I need a grooming kit. Any suggestions for things I might either find around the house, or in stores nearby? We don't have dollar stores with grooming stuff. Sorry guys. So please, think about it where this is NOT a horse country, and NOT America, Great Britain, or Australia.

So... any tips?

Here is what I can get so far:
1. Hard Bristle Scrub Brushes for hooves and as hard bristle body brushes (don't worry... two seperate brushes)
2. Soft Bristle Shoe Brush as a soft face brush, or as a soft body brush.
3. Sponges (heh... easy)
4. Rags and old towels to use as a rag to help groom. We have both soft, and rough... old and new... big and small. :P
5. sticks as hoof picks...

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