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live to ride 11-24-2012 08:22 PM

English tall boots too large in calf
Hi! My aunt gave me her old, but in perfect condition black tall english dress boots. I don't know much about english apparel/boots but she told me they were very expensive. They fit perfectly in the shoe, but the calf is too large. Can i ride in them even if they are too large? I dont want to look silly, but i dont have half chaps so i can't wear my regular western boots for my first jumping lesson. My parents wont buy me a pair that fits yet because I am just starting english. Any suggestions? Also, i am on horseluverz tack shop online looking at breeches since they have a sale- ladies breeches from 10$. What are some of the better brands/ styles to look for?

live to ride 11-24-2012 08:23 PM

Oh, also, im going to put a leather conditioner on it and then wear them around to break them in a little, is there any precautions i should take with conditioning this kind of boot?

Chevaux 11-24-2012 08:45 PM

Perhaps some heavy knee high socks would help? If it turns out the socks make the calf fit but the shoe part of the boot too tight, perhaps cutting of the foot part of the sock might work?

Regarding the breeches, I can't offer you any brand names but the more expensive ones should be made of better quality material that will last longer. I suspect the ones on sale you found are of lighter fabric or they are old stock the store is trying to clear out - either way they might be a good starter pair for you. For showing, colours should be light coloured - beige would be the most practical colour if you can only get one pair. For schooling, colour can be pretty much what you want. Whether you're schooling or showing, you want a fit that won't interfere with your riding therefore you don't want to go to tight as that could restrict your movement (plus be hard on the seams; stressed seams have a tendency to rip out in the wrong place at the wrong time:shock:) and by the same token you don't want to go to loose as to slop around in the saddle.

Weezilla 11-24-2012 08:59 PM

You should be able to get them taken in. Check inside the calf of the boot. Do you see a name? If they were pricey they might be custom boots. Dehner (sounds like Dayner) and Vogel are the 2 most famous one. I would ask your aunt if either name rings a bell, and you can call the company directly and they can help you. They do adjustments to their boots all the time.

Also ask at your barn where people go for their boots and tack. Tack shops usually have contact with these companies in order to take measurements for custom boots. Also, they might have other resources for you.

It will take a while, but if you can get them fitted to you, you'll be looking good!

Weezilla 11-24-2012 09:11 PM

Just thought of something. Could they be dressage boots? Konig, Cavallo, Petrie?

Care. Don't use saddle soap. You can use pure Lexol Cleaner, just a little bit on a wet but thoroughly wrung out sponge to get heavy dirt or grime off, but I usually just use the sponge and plain warm water. Condition with Lexol conditioner, and get some good boot polish-I like Propert's, but good old Kiwi wax polish puts a nice shine on and its available at supermarkets.

Here's a general guide to boot cleaning and polishing:

How to Clean Riding Boots - Hunter Jumper Connection

countercanter 11-27-2012 06:46 PM

First things first: Are they dress boots or field boots? Because dress boots are usually only seen in the dressage ring. Field boots will have laces at the ankles and dress boots will have no laces.

As for fit, if it is just the calves that are too big, you should be able to take them to a boot/shoe/leather repair place and they can take them in a little bit.

For cleaning, wipe off grime with a damp cloth, then condition the whole boot, then apply polish to everywhere but the inside of the calf (where your leg touches the horse).

Breeches are going to be a preference thing, but you usually get what you pay for.

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