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JnP Farms 11-24-2012 08:28 PM

Anyone Know what brand this saddle could be? (western)
Hey y'all! I just traded for this saddle as my old roping saddle didnt fit my new TB who is really narrow. I know this is not a factory made saddle and it fits my gelding well but I would still like to know if anyone has ever seen one before.
I rarely see ones with such high cantles and the swell/horn look different to me too.

Its a great saddle and I am wondering if its handmade as there is no makers mark anywhere (ive even taken up the jockeys to look under - all i found were dead spiders, cobwebs and empty egg sacks, ick :shock: ). I've checked under every bit of leather, under and in the fenders and even under the second skirt.

I think it is definitely older, but its in great shape and fleece is wonderful :-) almost new like! :D The leather is good. The reason I am thinking its handmade is that the dye job is pretty bad. picking up the jockeys I found dye running down in drip lines and under the leather conchos I found a natural tan color.

Cudos to anyone who read all that lol now for pics (oh and its not crooked and the tree isnt twisted or broke or saddle stand IS in fact broke so saddles dont sit perfectly strait...the nylon strap that holds the middle bar came off and so it makes my saddles slant...)

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