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Beena 09-09-2008 01:36 AM

Moapa Valley equine rescue project
Hi Everyone!
I am trying to help spread the word about some horses in desperate need of help. They are located just outside Las Vegas, in Logandale,NV. The entire herd is to be sent to Canada by mid October for slaughter including the pregnant mares and the foals. These horses are healthy, but many of them are not even halter broke...The owner of the herd wants to get $400+ depending on age(basically what he would get for the meat).
If you know of anyone who may have the means to help, please forward this information to them. The lady in charge of the rescue effort is Sarah Burke, her numer is 702-375-4462.

Here are two videos of the herd-

Dvine 09-09-2008 07:03 AM

dunno what everyon else thinks but most of them horses were really good looking to bad I don't live near Vegas anymore =[ but I'll for sure talk to my buddies out that way and see if their interrested.... Hope at least majority gets sold though.

Beena 09-09-2008 11:22 AM

Hi Thanks. Yes, apparently they are all very healthy. However, I don't think they have ever seen a farrier.
So far only 9 have been adopted! There are 90 horses total....
I am trying to spread the word out here in SCal... I would even be able to assist others in transportation and or $.

Dvine 09-09-2008 12:11 PM

I told my best friend and showed her the video she wants one lol so gonna spread the word to my other friends that are in Az near vegas though

[ADD; she put an ad on craigslist about it]

kitten_Val 09-10-2008 06:35 AM

I hope it'll work out! We had exactly the same situation in PA: the guy produced LOTS of paints (of course, no farrier, vet, basic training) and was too old to do anything with them. Number was bought by people (including myself), but there are still a lot left. People don't go for unhandled horses much even though they look nice (and I don't blame them). :(

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