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Clayton Taffy 11-27-2012 04:14 PM

Harness for sale
I know nothing about this harness except that it "looks" like it "might" be a decent buy. I know it is hard to find leather mini harness for sale and it looks like leather but you will need to check it out yourself.

You could probably get her to mail it to you instead of picking it up.

Driving harnesses (mini-horse)

Clayton Taffy 02-16-2013 12:49 PM

Cart for sale looks good! Do not know anything about cart or seller, just a FYI.

Meadowbrook Pony Cart No Reserve | eBay

Clayton Taffy 03-10-2013 10:03 PM

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This is a Smucker's delux, horse size, harness for sale for $325, I have not personally seen the harness, I do not personally know the seller. I have seen photos and it looks good, and I love the Smucker's brand. If you are interested PM me and I will send you the sellers E-mail and phone number.

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Clayton Taffy 03-21-2013 10:08 AM

I am selling my Meadowbrook cart if anyone is interested.

Meadowbrook Cart Horse Size

I will also have a Smuckers delux, horse size harness, good condition

a Smucker's Delux XL horse size harness, with a Super Delux Bridle. Show ready condition

And a Smuckers Super delux draft horse bridle for sale, Show ready condition and

an Amish made draft horse, breast collar harness, good condition

If anyone is interested, I will post photos and prices after I clean and polish them. I am working on them.:wink:

I need to sell this equipment to pay for my new vehicle!

Clayton Taffy 03-27-2013 11:00 AM

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I am selling my beloved Smuckers Delux Horse size Harness.
It is in most of my photos on the forum but to be certain I will post more.

To clarify, the harness in the post above IS NOT a delux harness.
Churumbique pointed out to me that the breast collar does not have buckle in traces and the bridle is lesser quality than a DElux.

My harness for sale IS A DELUX.
It has buckle in traces and a better bridle.
It is an older harness that cleans up very nicely., it does have some minor scratches and imperfections, that do not effect quality.
All the buckle billets are in very good shape and are not cracked.
I bought it for a 14.3 hand Arab and it fits Pilgrim, 15.3, 1400 lbs, everywhere but it really is to small in the breeching area, you can see it is on the last holes, and the back band. It would fit a taller leaner horse though.
It does not have a false martingale or a bit.
I do have some 5" bits for sale if you want one.

The photos I am posting are from some photos I am putting together to have a thread on hitching. The harness in the photos IS NOT cleaned or polished.

I am asking $425. . I think I can ship it for $25 to USA

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Attachment 140874

greentree 03-28-2013 08:21 AM

I would be a player on this harness... but I had a Smuckers, and the bridles require leather work to fit my silly mares' heads!

It is GORGEOUS, and obviously well cared-for, and I will let everyone know about it!!

Did your new carriage come in?


Clayton Taffy 03-28-2013 08:48 AM

Thanks on the harness.
I e-mailed the carriage dealer, and he said he doesn't know yet, AHHHHHH.
He just got back from driving in FL.

I am getting a bit concerned, I have a week of lessons booked in KY. in April, and I need to practice with the new vehicle.

greentree 03-28-2013 02:14 PM

Where in KY? I need some brush-up lessons!!


Clayton Taffy 04-01-2013 02:47 PM

My cart is sold, to a beginner driver in Missouri.
The draft horse bridle is sold to a carriage company in Arizona.

Ashleymardigragirl, my Smucker's harness still has your name on it!:D

Clayton Taffy 04-02-2013 08:43 AM

All Of you that are not doing anything this summer. Here is a great opportunity.
OH, to have the time!

Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 16:47:11 -0400
From: Jeffrey R Kohler - Relhok Farm <jeff@RELHOK.CA>
Subject: Working student position available

Working student position available

Relhok Farm Barrie Ontario Canada

A full service training and show barn for Pleasure and Combined Driving

Breeder of Welsh and Part bred Ponies

Position for a working student to train and show for the 2013 season

We attend shows such as Bromont CDE, Kentucky Pleasure, East Aurora, Walnut
Hill, Garden state, Glen Willow, Kentucky CDE etc.

Stall available/included, or use of a Relhok Pony will be provided to show
if able.

Private Apartment with Kitchenette and bath.

For further information email Jeff Kohler at Welcome to

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