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travlingypsy 09-09-2008 06:26 PM

What should I do? Sell Gypsy? I need help?

So ive had Gypsy around 2 1/2 - 3 years. And Ive had the same problem over and over again. Her spooking and blasting off.
She isnt on a hight protien diet, she gets 3 flakes local, 3 flakes orch daily. 1 cup strategy 1 cup alfalfa pellets, 1 scoop beet pulp, each feeding am pm.

So my big problems are I cant ride at night/evening, shes afriad. I cant ride when there arnt any other horses out in the padocks... My BO says shes not a spooky horse so then why have I gone off 5 times because she spooked.

SO today this is what happend. The wind picked up she spooked at a towel, ok I understand that. walk her up to it, she snorted looked at it then we walked off. Do a couple of laps around the arena. The gate from one of the open padocks bairly crashes.

She BOLTS at the canter. "Then im like what the heck is that" a buck "wow a buck" another buck "A BUCK!" the third buck. While all this is going on her head is so far up there I cant do a one rein stop or we would tip over. She finaly drops her head, I cirlce and were half way across the arena!

I can handle a buck I can handle a spook, But not something like that. Bucking, bolting that is NOT normal horse behavior am I right?
Im like crying, I walk her around the arena I dont just get off. Im already thinking TO THE SALE! So then my BO comes I tell her and she askes "when was the last time she was free lunged?" "Well not that long ago" She acted like it was no big deal nothing to get worked up about. "shes not a spooky horse" Is what I always get!

Mind you ive gotten so good at it I havent fallen off! But she spooks like that more times then the barn pansy Gus! I hate is cause I dont know when it will happen. Ive been working her its not like I just dont ride for a week get on and say GO. Im sick of it cause then im afraid to canter and stuff like that!

What should I do, I really need help. I dont want to get hurt. But my BO thinks this is normal (hello my horse is the only one in the barn acting like this) Oh, if it help she is an apendix quarter horse, or TB cross. Please any advice :(

iridehorses 09-09-2008 06:59 PM

Re: What should I do? Sell Gypsy? I need help?

Originally Posted by travlingypsy

So Ive had Gypsy around 2 1/2 - 3 years. And Ive had the same problem over and over again. Her spooking and blasting off.
She isnt on a hight protien diet, she gets 3 flakes local, 3 flakes orch daily. 1 cup strategy 1 cup alfalfa pellets, 1 scoop beet pulp, each feeding am pm.


Please keep in mind that I don't know your horse in terms of size, breed, or how easy a keeper she is or even if she is turned out or stalled.

With that in mind, I can tell you that my QH gelding is worked ~5 days per week and is turned out 24/7. He is 14.3h - 15h, weights about 1050lb and is well muscled. I never uses scoops and have always weighed my horse's feed (since weight is more accurate then volume). He gets 1 1/4 lb of a sweet feed mix twice per day. When I was giving them hay, it was 2 flakes of Timothy with each feeding. My horses were never - ever thin.

That being said, I think you are over feeding her - especially with Alfalfa. Unless your horse has special needs or is in very high performance activities, it is totally unnecessary. IMHO.

I believe that too many owners go to the two extremes in feeding or lack of. I am very critical at watching my horse's intake vs their activity.

travlingypsy 09-09-2008 09:17 PM

No im not over feeding, she is a hard keeper and even now with all that I am feeding her muscle tone still isnt that great. I started all the high grains and beetpulp to try and get her better. I work her almost every day. She only gets two hours on grass...and turn out is limited because the BO steals all the padocks or I would love for her to get more turnout.
She is 15 hands, she weighs about 1,010, 14 years old, either apendix qh or TB type...
She is my first horse and I look to the BO for help and im just trying the best I can.

kickshaw 09-09-2008 09:56 PM

i may be mistaken, but aren't gypsy horses (not predisposed, but vulnerable to) blindness?

travlingypsy 09-09-2008 10:00 PM

What do you mean? Shes a apendix qh or tb cross... Gypsy is her name.

SonnyWimps 09-09-2008 10:27 PM

Are you expecting her to spook? Are you nervous?
Horses have survived because they can tune in to surrounding emotions...if you are the slightest bit nervous or scared, she may be going into panic mode.
If she's a sensitive horse she'll definately pick up the tiniest bit of emotion.

My horse is super sensitive, but not a "OMG she's afraid I'm going to be eaten!!!!" way, he can sense my emotions...if I'm upset he knows it and does nothing to upset me further.
You might just have a sensitive horse.

If your BO says she's not spooky, but she spooks when YOU ride her, I'm thinking it has something to do with you.
Do some groundwork...does she spook then? Have the BO ride her...does she spook?

travlingypsy 09-09-2008 10:56 PM

I really wasnt expecting her to spook, I was really quite, happy and just lala lets walk around the arena..Then bam!
I have done a lot of ground work and she will spook then, she will also do it on the lunge line. I dont think she spooks with the BO but then she dosent really ride her much just when she has a big attitude problem. I try and put her spooking on the back burner in my mind so im not thinking about it. And I try and be as confidant as I can. But what els can I do? I have no idea, because no one els at the barn even has this problem.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-09-2008 11:10 PM

Do you have a good bond with your horse? My horse can be pretty spooky/flighty when she doesn't have a confident rider. Now that I've been riding her for almost two years, we have developed a bond. Since she began to trust me, she hasn't spooked as much and when she does they're tiny spooks. Since a horse is prey, they need to feel that their rider is someone they can trust, someone that won't let that loud noise or vicious trash bag eat them.

jessica_jane86 09-09-2008 11:21 PM

travlingypsy i have the same problem with my ex racer whos 5yo. its hard not knowing how your horse is going to react and iv had people say just relax and be confident but its hard to relax when you know your horse is spooky.

horses do pick up on your emotions but it sounds like you have the same problem as me, the horse herself isnt confident and you need to work on HER confidence before shes going to be a big toughie & not jump at a leaf falling :)

do you know exactly what shes spooking at? cuz i know if im with other riders and horses then my boy is confident, but as soon as we get out on our own, the slightest wind noise through a branch will scare him.

maybe work on desensitizing her to things, im pretty sure i saw a thread on here about that.

travlingypsy 09-09-2008 11:23 PM

I try and have a good bond with her but she is so marish, and she has had a lot of bad people so she keeps everyone in this box. And its really hard to get that guard down. But she loves on me and what not. She loves the BO which is just like sheesh why cant you follow me around like that! But she still gives mean faces at me or will turn her head away with a mean face when I say hello, it just depends on her mood. So I dont know if its a great bond I love her but hate her attitude!

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