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Tensi350 11-28-2012 12:16 AM

Re-educating OTTB and the Pessoa
Hi I've had my new 5 year old OTTB for about 3 months now. He's being let down nicely and has put on a lot of condition. I have recently found out I'm pregnant so I won't be going ahead with re educating him how I originally thought I was going to. I still want to put time in with him so when I can ride again he had a fair idea of what a show pony is supposed to do. I gave him his first lunge on a long line with side reins a week ago lets just say he was a complete ass. My friend suggested using a Pessoa I tried this yesterday and he worked beautiful for me. Since using it I have done a little research and options are very devided on them I'm wondering if anyone uses one or if anyone has experience with them. And if anyone has any other training suggestions as to things I can be doing with him that don't involve riding. Thanks a lot
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rookie 11-28-2012 09:58 AM

First, congratulations on your pregnancy! I am interested in well as hearing peoples opinions on the Pessoa. I have never used it but have a friend who swears by it. Said friend also starts there horse over fences at 3 which I think is a bit early. Which makes me second think the Pessoa. At first glance, I am not a fan of the Pessoa because it looks like it could create an illusion of collection without actually having the horse work through collection. That said I have only ever seen it in photos and film never used it in person.

countercanter 11-28-2012 08:22 PM

We have a Pessoa system at the barn and will occasionally stick horses in it as part of their training program. They will get ridden a few days, then do a few days in the Pessoa system, then a day off, then riding some more, then the Pessoa some more, etc. Its helped a few of our horses out (many are OTTBs) in understanding a little more of how to properly use their bodies. Obviously it can be abused and used the wrong way with the wrong intentions, but if used correctly I think it can be beneficial .

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