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Elizabeth Bowers 11-29-2012 11:17 AM

Patrick King Horsemanship
I just found out about this 'natural horsemanship' trainer Patrick King. I wanted to know if anyone else on here has heard of him or worked with him or had him work with one of your horses. Funny thing is he's from around my area and i never knew this (shows you how much i actually get out LOL). He looks promising, and one of my close horse-y friends said he's good and she is planning on sending her horse too him in the future. Just want a few general opinions and if you had any experiences with him. Thanks!!
You can check out his site too. Patrick King Horsemanship :wink:

Speed Racer 11-29-2012 11:18 AM

Never heard of him. But then, I don't follow any of the NH gurus, and there are always more popping up. Kinda like mushrooms after it rains.

Elizabeth Bowers 11-29-2012 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 1777480)
Never heard of him. But then, I don't follow any of the NH gurus, and there are always more popping up. Kinda like mushrooms after it rains.

LOL nice. Its hard to find a trainer in my area who won't smack my horse around if they don't perform correctly right off hand. So i get very 'moody' about such. I also don't want someone to push them too fast either.
P.S. I hate mushrooms :lol:

Oldhorselady 11-29-2012 11:24 AM

Never heard of him. But I love the garrocha pole! After moving to the west coast a couple years ago, I've seen all of these different spanish techniques that I've never seen before and are really interesting. Something else fun to do on your horse!

PghSportsFan 12-22-2012 01:32 PM

Patrick King
I know of Patrick King and have gone to several of his clinics. Also, my friend sent her horse to him for a month or two.

He is a very nice guy can sometimes come across cocky like many of the natural horse trainers. He is probably one of the better trainers in the area. He definitely does not use any cruel training methods which was nice and while my friends horse was with him, the horse behaved however when she got him back home, his old habits returned.

I believe his training price has gone up probably due to his popularity. Hopefully it all doesn't go to his head.

smrobs 12-22-2012 02:00 PM

I really can't say anything about his methods/program as I've never heard of him either. His website does strike me as very...grubbing...though. I can't fault the guy for wanting to be the next big thing, but it always makes me raise an eyebrow in question at a person when they go through and create this whole new set of fancy words to describe and categorize the same old training process. I mean, "mellow yellow", "true blue", "solid gold" ??? Really??


Originally Posted by PghSportsFan (Post 1810550)
...the horse behaved however when she got him back home, his old habits returned...

I did want to address this, however. I wouldn't hold this kind of statement against any trainer as this is a pretty common problem. The horse goes to trainer, trainer gets them straightened out, horse goes home, owner continues to handle horse exactly the same as they did before horse went to trainer, horse reverts to earlier behavior in response to the handling that likely caused earlier behavior in the first place.

Unless the owner works with the trainer and works to change how they handle the horse, then no amount of off-site training is going to correct the horse's issues long term.

Elizabeth Bowers 12-23-2012 03:52 PM

Thank you PghSportsFan, and yes i did know of his price going up. I'm still considering him to send my mare to, i would like her to be a good all around horse when she's finised. My friend referred him to me also, and she seems to really like him, and how he handles horses.
Smrobs, i have every intention of going and working with the trainer with my horse so that she won't go back to the way she is. I also have another trainer on my list if he doesn't work out, he's a little more reasonable, but a little farther away from me. I'm just having a little difficult time deciding which of the two would be best for her to go to.
Thank you guys for your insite!! :)
(You can tell alot about a good trainer on how the horses respond to them)

fkonidaris 12-24-2012 08:22 AM

Hey some locals! He currently has some openings in his Foundation Academy which include 1 monthly private training session (1 hr), 1 monthly group session (3 hrs), discounts on additional training sessions, specialized "homework" sessions, free auditing to clinics, 20$ discounts on rider spaces in clinics and courses, online access to video clips, 6 newsletters/yr with training tips, 10% discount on PKH merchandise and apparel. Lessons are at his training farm in Mt Pleasant PA at Maple Lane Farm.

Elizabeth Bowers 12-25-2012 04:47 PM

fkonidaris, i know, i don't have the money for the foundation academy, and my trailer isn't legal yet.... O_O Plus where i live i can't do 'homework' session in this miserable nasty and my horse would end up sick....
I would really like to do it, but it wouldn't benefit unless its spring/summer time, and i could stay more consistent (can't do that with the wind and snow this time of year :-( )
Thank you though! Have a great holiday!!! :-)

Narkeesa 01-28-2013 08:48 AM

I highly recommend Patrick King. He is not cocky AT ALL, is VERY informative and is quite humorous. His rates are very comparable to local trainers, just keep in mind he is based out of another equestrian center and you pay board to the farm owner not Patrick. My untouched 3 yo filly is there right now, she wasn't even halter broke. I went yesterday to one of the academy sessions and got to work with my filly. She did outstanding. When it was over I had and hour with him and my filly under saddle, and it blew my mind. It has been two weeks and she is moving laterally as well. (which when your horse is in training with him you get to participate in the academy group sessions for three months to make sure you are progressing with your horse and everything is going smoothly). He is very good at showing you something and explaining why. Very interesting to listen to. He encourages the owner to come and be part of the training process so that you can see the progression of the horse and learn how to work with it as well. I've never recommended anyone this highly before.

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