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Shananigan 11-29-2012 08:03 PM

Oddly Shaped Fecal Balls

Posting this question about my 24 year old Arabian Mare Dandy..

I am a bit worried about her. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that her fecal balls are getting a little bigger (larger than her normal size, I have owned her for 8-9 years, I would know!). And every once in awhile she'll have quite a large fecal ball OR an oddly shaped ball. They are not round.. It would be like in the shape of these beads roughly:
(Sorry for such a big pic)

Anyways, it is really stumping me and I can't find anything online about it! Could you please help?

Thank you! Any and all input is appreciated!

RustyBucket 11-30-2012 10:13 AM

How strange! Has her diet or way-of-eating changed at all?
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Shananigan 12-02-2012 02:47 AM


How strange! Has her diet or way-of-eating changed at all?
Not really.. She is just fed Alfalfa. I have her at a friend's, who was starting her horses on a 3-way / Alfalfa feeding schedule. Dandy doesn't really like 3-way though, never has. We tried introducing it to her again, but she just nibbles the oats out and wastes the straw. This was going on before we tried her on 3-way, plus she has had it in the past so I don't think that's the problem..

She has been at my friend's since spring (and has been there on and off multiple times through the last few years.)

There really is nothing out of the ordinary that I can see that could cause this! If no one has any ideas then I'll probably call and get a vet's opinion. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this? I was cleaning her paddock today and took a picture of one of them! Can't post it tonight though, tomorrow for sure!

**Note: When we started her on the 3-way, it was slowly introduced.. Little bits at a time. Like I said though, this was happening before the 3-way change.

That's the only change in her diet that I know of. And there are no trees, bushes, ect... that she can eat on or anything.

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