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BurningAmber520 11-29-2012 10:17 PM

Progress Journal - Rescue Horses in Training
I don't know if anyone will be interested in following this, but here goes nothing. I am an intern at a Horse and Farm animal rescue in Saugerties NY called the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I am an animal care intern and am working under the sanctuary's medical director.

We have a lot of horses, and even though we have a lot of animal loving volunteers there are only a couple of people who are really horse savvy. So I will be working with a few of our horses, the ones who have riding potential, to get them going and give them a better chance of finding forever homes! I thought it would be fun to start a journal thread to keep up with everyone's progress.

Here are the 5 horses I will be working with.

Hattie - Unbroke 8 year old Quarter Horse cross mare. Came from a hoarding Situation, no one knows what she went through but she is very skittish, I have worked with her the most so far and have gone from not being able to touch her to being able to catch, lead and groom her.

Mary Jane - 16 year old thoroughbred, apparently well broke, but no one has done anything with her in quite awhile. Very sweet easy to work with mare.

Monty - Young (not sure exact age) Unbroke something, no idea what he is, no one does, but he's stunning, some sort of warmblood maybe? 16 hands with great bone!

Brutus -16+hand thoroughbred. Unbroke, he and monty came from the same hoarding situation in 2011.

Pete - I don't have pictures of him yet, will get some on Saturday! He's a 15.2 ish hand bay thoroughbred, unbroke from the same hoarding situation as monthy and brutus I believe

I will keep updating this with their progress! So enjoy!

BurningAmber520 12-05-2012 11:21 AM


Spent a lot of time with Hattie, showed the barn manager how much we've done so far, and she was really impressed. I have her leading well, we can do figure 8's with her following me without me holding the lead. She's still a little funny about having her feet handled but we're getting there. I also put a saddle pad on her, on her back, her but, her neck, her ears, and she was great with it, didn't care one bit. Going to redo this lesson a couple times and work with her feet more, then hopefully get her bridled soon!

I'm uploading some more videos so I'll post them soon!

I also spent sometime out in the field with Mary Jane, who let me cuddle on her while she was laying down.

I also want to do some work with Colette, who is actually Hatties daughter, and is even more shy then her momma.

BurningAmber520 12-05-2012 10:01 PM

A few more videos from yesterday

I somehow managed to take this one upside down (I'm attempting to edit it so hopefully it will eventually show up right side up) but I'm posting it anyway! Hatties never had a saddle pad on before.

A couple of videos of Rowdy (bay) and Julius (roan) Playing

And Colette trying to decide if I can be trusted or not!

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