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ThePaintGirl 11-29-2012 11:37 PM

help with feeding
Hi all!
So, my gelding is so aggressive to my mare he caused her to get ulcers, he is also attacking my sister's mare and Im waiting for someone to get hurt. Soooo, we are planning on seperating him, we cant build a new pasture until spring so he will have to make do with our corral (has shelter, and its 100ftx100ft) he also has a winter blanket, dont know how much it will be on though since he has shelter.

We have several bags of feed left over from my dad's gelding, and I was wondering if I could give some of the bagged food and hay (we just have so much!)

We have 2 bags of alfalfa pellets, 2 bags of alfalfa cubes, 1 bag of beet bulp, and 1 bag of senior feed. Would i be able to give some/any of this with his hay? If so, how much hay, how much of stuff posted above?

He is in light work, gets MSM, about 1250lbs, 16hh, easy keeper, paint horse. His hay is 20% alfalfa 80% grass.

Thanks, hopefully I didnt confuse the crud out of everyone.


Phly 11-29-2012 11:55 PM

I might have missed something? But why would he being fed something the others are not have anything to do with him being aggressive towards the mares?
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walkinthewalk 11-30-2012 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Phly (Post 1778538)
I might have missed something? But why would he being fed something the others are not have anything to do with him being aggressive towards the mares?
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Food intolerance greatly exacerbates bad behavior. I know because I have a gelding like that.

Why is it always the bigger ones - mine is the biggest horse at 16.1H. He is third in the pecking order, wants to be first, and will beat up on horse #4 whenever the mood strikes him; and they're on 22 acres:shock:

To the OP, don't feed that horse any alfalfa - zip, zero, none, nadda. If he's that big of a snotface, he does not need any more protein.

I would get your Bully off the senior feed UNLESS it's completely grain free.

My horse is oat/corn/soy intolerant. Soy is the worst booger for him and finding a vit/min supplement that is soy-free is next to impossible.

You're on the right thought process to change his feed; just know that while that helps, it is not going to change his inherent nature, which is to be a bully.

I have tried everything and, short of giving my horse a lead earring, nothing works. I finally took horse #4 out of the main pasture because he has leg injuries and the Bully Horse was seizing the moment on his weakened condition:-x

Fortunately our whole place is cross-fenced so the injured horse is in the yard and the three acre pasture by the house; he has about five acres to himself and is quickly learning it not such a bad deal to be "Mama's Boy" whenever I go outside - lollollol

You're right to separate your Bully from the mare, hopefully they can at least see other for mental socializing that won't get her hurt.

Back to the feed - I'm sorry I'm jumping around, I had a root canal yesterday, it's early, and I have to do the "wake up hay call" in a few minutes; I am not coherent:-P

Can you get McCauley's by chance? or EquiPride? Both are soy-free and grain-free. McCauley's M-10 Balancer is soy & grain-free, and takes about 2lbs daily.

EquiPride is a vit/min supplement that only requires 10 ounces daily be fed. EquiPride is in meal form and can be fed as a stand alone or a top dress over your beet pulp.

Hope this helps:D

Saddlebag 11-30-2012 08:20 AM

If you like to give treats, save the alfalfa cubes for that altho you might have to break them up. The hay he's on is good for what he is doing. If he begins to lose weight from work then add some of the pelleted feed. Any horse over 5 can have senior feed. Are you providing plenty of salt? A lick doesn't provide enough salt. Altho I knew this years ago, research has proven that horses get a sore tongue from a lick so don't take in enough. Licks are designed for the raspy bovine tongue. Get a box of pickling salt and offer a cup or so at a time, especially during the colder months. I provide both a lick and loose salt and the horses go for the loose first. The lick under a protective cover is 3 yrs old so it tells me which they prefer.

loosie 12-02-2012 05:27 PM

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If he's an easy keeper, why do you want to feed him any more than hay? Perhaps he's getting too much already. Agree with Walking that I wouldn't be feeding extra alfalfa or senior feed to him. Is he supplemented with anything to balance his nutrition?

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