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AngieLee 11-30-2012 03:51 PM

tears in urethra
Last week I brought my horse in intending to ride, and there was some blood on his back feet. I tracked the blood's source down to his sheath. So my friend and I set to work thoroughly cleaning it, thinking it was bleeding because of a bean, or because it was dirty. That alone was quite the predicament. We had to get some stuff from the vet to drug him up in hopes of him dropping, because other wise there is no way in he*l that he would. ended up having to brush him for half an hour until he relaxed enough that we could grab it and pull it out. It took us almost 2 hours, and 3 separate times to get the sheath and the penis cleaned, and to de-bean him (found one the size of a quarter). a few days later he was still bleeding so the vet was called out.

Thankfully its not cancer woohoo!

However, after a rectal exam to try and feel for a stone in his bladder, and a scope up his penis and into his bladder, and they had to drain the bladder because it was so full. Poor guy got man handled by 5 women and it wasn't even in the good way lol Luckily he was doped up to the nines for these procedures, because otherwise id imagine they would have been rather painful.

the end result after the being poked and prodded and man handled for 2 hours, the vets found 2 tears at 75 cm and 85 cm on the scope along with bruising and some blot clotting and lots of blood in the urethra itself.

HOWEVER his bladder itself is immaculate! which causes the confusion. There are absolutely no signs of a stone ever being in the bladder. ever. nore was there one found in the urethra. There are no signs that he ever had a stone. also since the tears are so far up/inside the body, and so close to the bladder. It couldn't have been because of our cleaning, or even if he had got a bit frisky with his pasture mate (who is a mare) and damaged it. The vets don't know what caused it. the final diagnoses is "Mucosal tearing of unknown cause"

So now he is on a bunch of medication to fight infection and try and heal it up. Which means we get to spend the next 2 weeks tricking him into taking his meds (mmm spiked hay cubes topped with molasses).

IF there isn't improvement in a week he will have to be sent to Guelph veterinary clinic to have a long term catheter put in to help him heal. Guelph is about 45 minuits away from me and would be very extensive because he would have to stay there until he was better. and Guelph is just expensive.

Luckily he is already showing some improvement.

Whats weird is that his personality never changed at all, if anything he became less grumpy after the bean was taken out when we cleaned him (i dont blame him LOL), and hes not acting like hes in pain.

and the vets say that this doesn't happen very often and when it does they can normally locate a cause.

Im just happy its not cancer or something equally as detrimental.

So my questions:

Has this ever happened to your horses or any you know?

what happened/ how did it tern out

How long did it take to fully heal

and some ideas on else we could get his meds into him if he figured out his molasses hay cubes are spiked/ or gets board


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