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KANSAS_TWISTER 04-05-2007 11:51 AM

garlic pellits for flies?
has any one herd or tried garlic pellits in there horse summer feed to keep the flies away from them?

meggymoo 04-05-2007 12:20 PM

Hi, no not heard of those.

At our yard, we put garlic powder/granules in all feeds, but it doesn't do anything to repell the flies....

It would be interesting to know though, if there were some kind of pellets that do the job. It costs an arm and a leg to keep buying fly repellant, and half of them aren't any good as Citronella is banned over here now as an ingredient in fly repellants. :roll:

tumai 04-05-2007 07:38 PM

I use Aunty Jane's garlic meal all year around and up the dose in autumn when the bots are in full force with I think great results...I havn't used a bot knife in years! Garlic is also great for good health in horses and acts as a vermifuge (purging of worms).

crackrider 04-10-2007 01:51 AM

I think i've heard something to that effect about garlic but i don't see how it would work for flies!?! It might work for mosquitos because of the garlic in the horses blood. It has heaps of other good health properties so i suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a try! :)

victoriasmith 04-24-2007 05:37 PM

Garlic for flies
I've found garlic to be helpful when repelling flies, however I did have to double the 'usual' measurement. My mare is very thin skinned and gets horribly pestered by flies.

Also! I found that putting )nearly) boiling water into a spray bottle and a few crushed gloves of garlic left overnight acts as a (smelly) mild repellant, great for horses who have allergic reactions to some sprays!

(Wouldn't recommend it in extreme cases, though!)

kristy 04-25-2007 03:37 AM

Careful with garlic. It has been known to cause anemia in horses.

DesertGal 04-28-2007 05:35 PM

I have heard of people using garlic. They say it helps, doesn't solve the problem, but helps. But do be careful as garlic can make a horse anemic.

I'm using Apple Cider Vinegar. I don't over use it, I put 2 cups in 30 gal. of water. She loves the taste. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for it to do much good, but I am now noticing a definite drop in the flies, and bugs hanging around her, and very few on her. :D It also helps with digestion, and helps to prevent bladder stones (we have super hard water here.)

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