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Fowl Play 12-01-2012 10:51 PM

Joint supplement suggestions
My daughter has an 11 year old QH mare that is very stocky. We originally bought her for western pleasure, 4-H type riding, but that's not what either of them like to do. They've been training for reining and barrels (horse is a finished barrel horse, kid not so much!) since September. When we bought the horse in April, the vet told me that for WP type riding, she'd probably be sound forever, but if she was going to get into tougher riding, she suggested some sort of preventative joint supplement. My husband and were talking about it today and decided that with her next grain mixing (she currently eats 1 lb of LMF Super Supplement and 1.5 lbs of Alfalfa pellets, pre-mixed for ease of the barn owner) we would add a joint supplement. That would have her on the supplement for almost 2 months before serious competition for barrels or reining begin.

I am looking for recommendations for joint supplements. She is 90% Foundation bred, stocky as all get out, and hasn't taken an off step yet, but I'd like to keep her that way. I'd like some kind of powder I can mix into her grain with the next batch. I'd also not like to spend an arm and a leg, but don't want to buy her something crappy.

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