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Jadzia 12-03-2012 04:13 AM

~My Show Grooming Routine~
This is how I get my horses ready for a show or just to give them a bit of pampering on a hot day. :-)

~The day before~

1. I wash them with an equine shampoo. You can also use dog or baby shampoo- as long as it is tearless. I just turn the hose on mine as it is hot here and they don't mind but if you horse is nervy try using a bucket of water to start with.

2. I wash and condition the tail. Once it is rinsed I put leave-in conditioner through it and leave in to dry.

3. I shampoo and rinse the mane. I never condition it before a show as it is then too silky to plait.

4. Once the horse is dry I give them a good brush.

5. I plait the mane and forelock. It doesn't matter if the mane is still damp when I do this.

6. I use MattGlo crystals to make my bay horses legs darker, and BlueGlo to make the white socks brighter. I also stain the hooves black.

7. I trim and shave the whiskers.

8. It's time to get wrapped up! A summer sheet if it's warm, a thick rug if its cold, a lycra hood to protect the plaits and a tail bag to keep the tail nice and clean.

~On the day~

1. Give the horse a good brush.

2. Tidy up the plaits and plait the tail. I use hairspray on my plaits to make them hold and stay nice and shiny. My horses don't mind me spraying them with aerosol.

3. Put on a polar fleece travel rug, trucking boots and wrap the tail.

4. Off we go!

Hope this was helpful :)

Foxhunter 12-04-2012 05:50 PM

My grooming routine is nothing like yours!
I get the horse's coats right with feeding.
They get a good strapping every day. Strapping being a thorough grooming.

I start with a rubber curry all over then work with the body brush and metal curry comb to clean the brush. Every part of the body is brushed six times with the body brush.

I will then strap the horse with a hay whisk and then finish off with a good polish with a stable rubber.
Eyes, nose and dock will be washed. Mane and tail brushed through.
This will take aprox. 45 minutes each horse.

A week before a show I will wash the mane and tail. The day before wash any white socks. Summer or winter I always use hot water as cold water does not remove grease.

I very rarely ever plait before the day of the show.

When showing Shires they had to be plaited at the show because they would rub the flights out transporting there.

Plaiting a Shire takes a lot longer because right down the length of the mane flights are woven in with coloured tape and raffia.

Jadzia 12-04-2012 11:32 PM

My horse also get a good grooming each day :) and I do take a lot of care getting the feed right so that the coat stays healthy, this is just what I do the day before :D

verona1016 12-05-2012 03:03 PM

I will generally bathe with EZ-All a day or two before the show, then use the clippers to clean up his whiskers, bridle path, ears, fetlocks and the mohawk down his withers :-) I braid his tail and put it in a bag, then do a running braid on his mane (I keep him braided almost all the time, anyway) At the show, I'll throw a stable sheet on him overnight.

On the day of, I take him to the wash rack for a spot clean of the areas where he decided to sleep in his poo (which he ONLY does when he's away from home) Then I take his tail out of the braid, trim the bottom so it's straight, attempt a tail plait (sometimes it's good enough to leave it, sometimes not; it depends on how early my first ride is!) I also re-do his running braid so it's nice and neat, and sew the end up under the braid so it doesn't hang down. I also braid his forelock and sew it up into a button if I can find someone to hold his head still for me. A good once-over with the brush and he's ready to be tacked up!

goingnowhere1 12-05-2012 03:28 PM

I wash the day before, I might sheet if they're going out or it's cold, usually they are put on stall rest after I clean them because I trailer over the day before the show. I bathe with coconut shampoo (suave) and then condition mane (I never plate or braid so silky mane's not a problem) and tail with Eqyss' coconut conditioner.
Day of the show I give a good leg, body, and face curry. Then I do hard, hard brush, medium hard brush, medium soft brush (flick brush), body brush, face brush, and then top off with a super soft show brush. I use my Eqyss avocado conditioner in tail and marigold spray after I brush. Once I finish my brushes, I go back and do their face one more time. Brush mane and tail and then pick hooves and oil hooves. After I tack up (after cleaning tack) I showsheen. Then I use a fleece mitt to smooth everything down.
And BAM! I'm done... Finally.

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