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bonyroany 12-03-2012 01:42 PM

Hunter Class Help?
I'm getting back into hunter/jumper and I have an Appaloosa and a Missouri Fox Trotter I'm planning to show. I have never really showed in a hunter show and was wondering about some things.

1. How should I groom? I don't want to clip to the extreme, just maybe trim the fetlocks a bit and the outsides of the ears maybe. I want to keep my Fox Trotter's mane long, so is a running braid acceptable? Or could I just not braid at all? Someone I knew at my old barn had a horse with a long mane that she showed in hunter, but I don't know what would be acceptable.

2. Is it okay to use a forward, jump-style all purpose saddle? I used to ride in a VERY close contact saddle, but now I have an older Courbette Husar that I ride in.

3. Also, is it okay that some of my tack is a shade darker than the rest?

Thank you in advance!

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