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RahneShadow 12-03-2012 02:28 PM

Grand Prix Show Coat help!
So, I found a Grand Prix show coat at a thrift shop. I was more than thrilled. I always buy my things new especially equine related items but I was along with a friend and just flipping through the coats and found this. I bought it for $10.25. It is in perfect condition. Only problem. It's missing a button, but I found the button on the pocket I just have to sew it back on. I was wondering how much you guys think this is worth. Most likely i'm not going to sell it, I'll probably get it dry cleaned and use it cause it fits. I looked it up on google and couldn't find it. I found something almost exactly like it but the only difference was it has a flap on the pocket and mine is just a slit pocket. Other than that it was the exact same thing and it was $400+ new. Please let me know what you guys think this is worth. Even if it's worth only $30 i'll be happy cause I paid more than half less! Heck! for all i know it's not even a real Grand Prix coat! So please just let me know!

(sorry for the terrible quality of images, I took them in the dark with a flash and it was blurry D:)

countercanter 12-03-2012 08:54 PM

I would keep it for yourself! Thats a good find!

upnover 12-14-2012 02:52 PM

That's an excellent find!Grand Prix coats are great and very expensive to buy new. I don't know what it'd be worth but I sold one brand new a while ago on ebay for $150. I find that coats don't always have a great resale value on ebay (at least not for me) but we have a consignment sale at our barn every year and the GPs go quick!

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