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Cowgirls Boots 12-03-2012 07:24 PM

Getting weight on a skinny(ish) horse...during winter
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So today is the day I saw how skinny my new gelding is under his winter coat. He isnt terrible and you cannot tell at all that his ribs show under that coat. Hes probably a 2 or 3 according to this chart:

His spine sticks out which has gotten alot better in just 3 weeks and his tail bone was starting to show. Ive had his teeth floated and those hadnt been done in god knows how long so now i am stuck with a bit of a project which i dont mind. :lol: Every horse i currently own ive had to put weight on so whats one more?:wink:

Anyway, hes currently on Trotter from BS. (14% Protein, 3% Fat, 18% Fiber)

I thought about switching him to something higher in fat but once he gains the weight its going to be a PITA changing his grain back over and buying two different grains as my other two are currently on the Trotter. He seems to be doing awesome on it, just not gaining enough as Id like to see. I currently am also giving him 8oz of Triple Crown Omega Max which i know is awesome at helping horses gain weight. I just recently upped him 2 oz today to see if it would help. (He was getting 6 oz previously) I know you can feed up to a pound a day of the Omega but not sure if i should slowly work up to that or buy something like beet pulp to add in with his grain and the Omega?

He isnt cold, he has a nice big coat and i give plenty of hay. (havent weighed but i know its probably over 20 pounds a day for each horse. Am going to try to weigh it this weekend once i get time to myself for once! :lol:)

So his Am feeding is: 2 scoops of Cosequin ASU (hes currently on the loading dose for 2 weeks and then will be brought down to 1 scoop), 4 oz of Omega max, a quart and a half of Trotter, and hay.
Pm: quart and a half of Trotter, and 4 oz of Omega, and of course hay.

Everything also gets wetted down so he cant pick through the powders. I just stopped giving him Probios, i put him on it because of the stresses of moving to my place and he coliced last month.

I have only had him almost a month and i dont want to rush putting weight on him, but what would you suggest doing in this situation? Both my other horses neeed weight when i got them and they didnt fully look 100% better until summer came and they gained all there weight back in grass:lol:

I thought about working my way up to a pound a day on the Omega and then adding beet pulp but not sure if thatll be too much? I believe he lost so much weight because the other horses mustve taken his grain or because his teeth were just horrid.

what would you suggest?
Also- he was just wormed two weeks ago with Equimax and next month i have a Panacur Powerpac that i am going to give him as he was also wormy.

Heres some pix for reference(please note that the current pictures dont show justice. he has a huge winter coat but in person you can feel his ribs and see his spine, i will get more tomorrow as most of the ones i have are garbage :oops:)-

Cowgirls Boots 12-03-2012 07:27 PM

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I know those pictures are super hard to tell by but heres some reference pics from summer.

poppy1356 12-03-2012 07:32 PM

Powerpac will help, he still looks a bit wormy.

You absolutely need to weigh everything. Small kitchen scale is $7 at walmart, works great.

20lbs of hay really isn't enough if he needs to gain. At least 30lbs.

3% fat is nothing. Add some rice bran. Oils work well too, flax or wheat germ oil works great.

Alfalfa pellets or alfalfa hay would be good too. Beet pulp or senior feed. You might have to get two different grains, it's not that difficult.

Cowgirls Boots 12-03-2012 07:47 PM

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Which do you think would work best? Beet pulp ? Should I continue to up the Omega max? The only reason I was trying to stay away from having different grains is cause I have a non-horsey bf who I try to keep feedings simple for. :wink:
Although, if needed I will switch.
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poppy1356 12-03-2012 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by Cowgirls Boots (Post 1783498)
Which do you think would work best? Beet pulp ? Should I continue to up the Omega max? The only reason I was trying to stay away from having different grains is cause I have a non-horsey bf who I try to keep feedings simple for. :wink:
Although, if needed I will switch.
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I like rice bran for weight gain more than beet pulp. As long as there is no risk for laminitis as rice bran does have a higher sugar content but it is high fat about 20%. If you can get it healthy-glo would be my first choice. It has flax added to the rice bran. It is kinda pricey but you feed 1-1.5lbs per day so it lasts a little while.

I am not sure what Omega max is so I can't comment on that. I like rice bran and flax the best for weight gain. I unfortunately can't use it anymore because of my horse loving laminitis but it worked wonders while she was on it.

Cowgirls Boots 12-03-2012 08:13 PM

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Omega max is ground golden flax seed. Here's the nutrtionalist label. I read alot that flax will get him to gain weight. It says you can feed up to a pound a day but not sure if I can feed rice bran along with the flax. I don't think he has any foundering risks until he is fully up to weight. Then I think he'll be an easier keeper. But not sure as I just got him. He is currently getting 8oz of the Omega Max. It says to feed between 6oz-1 pound per day.

Horse Health: Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Superior Horse Health
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poppy1356 12-03-2012 08:22 PM

Call them up and ask if you can feed with rice bran. Since the healthy glo contains flax in the rice bran I would think it's fine. I was giving 4oz of flax oil per day but I am not sure what that translates into in ground flax. The oil is more concentrated. I say up his omega by 4oz and see what that does. But definately get a higher fat grain.

Cowgirls Boots 12-03-2012 09:02 PM

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What grain would you suggest. Am looking for something similar in fiber/protein as the trotter
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poppy1356 12-03-2012 09:06 PM

Nutrena performance has 9% fat and 14% protein I think. My friend just switched to that for her hard keeper. But you need to weigh it. Very very important. Just get some bags or extra feed pans to have everything set for the bf.

Most performance feeds will have high protein and fat content. Alfalfa pellets are a good source of protein as well.
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JustImagine 12-03-2012 09:08 PM

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I used to have my Arab on Purina Strategy, and I switched him to Purina Ultium in the fall. He put on a lot of weight and he looks a lot better now. One of the boarders at my barn even used to add wet hay cubes, beat pulp, and cut up apples and carrots to his Ultium and that REALLY put weight on him fast. I love the Ultium, too, because it doesn't get him hot and crazy like some weightbuilders can. I still have him on it, and it's doing well at just maintaining his weight =]
The first picture is right before I put him on Ultium (about 3 months ago), and the 2nd picture is from a few days ago.

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