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TruCharm 12-04-2012 02:30 AM

What things should I be aware of when Leasing a horse for lessons?
So I wanted to cover my bases as I was thinking about leasing out a horse to a school for lessons.

I wanted to hear from people that have school horses, or lease them for teaching children to ride. Any and all information on what I need to know and understand would be very helpful as I have never considered this before OR been on owning side of a possible school horse.


Saranda 12-04-2012 02:47 AM

You should get precise information on:
How many hours a day/week/month he will be working.
At what times - when can you ride him and do you have a priority to choose your preferable times.
What kind of riders will be riding on him.
Will he be a horse just for lunging lessons, or for more experienced riders, also, will he do jumping, if it is not something that is very common in the lessons at your facility.
Will he do shows with them.
What instructor/trainer will be using him.
Will you be able to watch the lessons from time to time to see, how is he treated.
Will you be able to still control how he is being fed, rugged, turned out and otherwise handled.

All the rules should be very clear and you should always have the first say in decisions made about your horse.

You should also count on having to work with him more on sometimes even basic things, because horses can quickly learn to be a heavy ride when lots of novice riders ride them.

TruCharm 12-04-2012 04:21 PM

Thank you, i've never done this before but I'm soon going to own an older Arabian mare, that I'm too big for and there aren't any kids that I know that can ride her. She's a good mare, intermediate type of a mare even for her age(lol) so I wanted her to get some work, since I will also be getting a 6 year old Paint gelding that needs Alot of work. Wanted her to get the attention I may not be able to provide right of the bat and have a new place ( thats better than just sitting in the pasture all day and getting groomed and fed. To me thats not a great life if you do want to work for someone and when I worked her in the past she really wanted to work and was much happier after a brisk lunge and ground manner training) I figured a school would give her the work she wants to have and I can still come around and be with her :)

I wrote these things down ^^ i will be looking out for them when looking for someone to lease her. Thanks!

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