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Nixalba 12-04-2012 09:39 AM

Introducing my Appies!
First is my Appy/TB mare, Lacey. She is 7 years old. I bought her as a yearling and backed and trained her myself. She's had a string of injuries along the way, so this year was our first year showing. We do dressage and also western dressage for fun.

(I hope these photos aren't too large)
This is my friend showing Lacey in the showmanship class at the local fair. My friend did a lot of sms when she was growing up, so I told her to take my mare in this calss :p
Lacey and I at our first dressage show
Vintage Lace by Nix Alba, on Flickr
And Lacey from a photoshoot I did with her and my friend's appy.

My second Appaloosa is actually co-owned with a friend of mine. We purchased him 2 months ago and had intended to use him as a stallion but we've since gelded him and he is supposed to be a resale project but we're just loving him to much... we may end up keeping him. My friend's other Appy is going to be 18 in March and my mare can only handle lower levels with her previous injuries, so Ryder is starting to look go as a replacement for our mounts ;)
Ryder is 4 yrs old. He's actually quite little, maybe 14.3 hands at most but he's smart and very brave! This photo is the first few days after he arrived on the farm.
Ryder III by Nix Alba, on Flickr
Boo-hoo... he doesn't have this "stallion" muscling anymore but putting him to work soon should build up that muscle once again.

He will be trained dressage first, then we're going to try him at anything he's willing to do. He needs to learn all sorts about how to be a riding horse, though. He wasn't taught anything at his old home. He just had his very first date with the farrier this week(yes, that's right, 4 yrs old and never had his hooves trimmed before :(). I have been on him and led around but the other guy was just get-on-and-go so Ryder really doesn't have any clue about the bit or leg/seat aids. He's learning so fast, though. His bravery helps because nothing really phases him, so we can teach and he thinks and learns.

Thanks for looking!

Tianimalz 12-04-2012 09:45 AM

I LOVE their spots! Ryder is so pretty, I love his little stocky build, thick boned appys are gorgeous :D

OliviaMyee 12-05-2012 03:38 AM

Wow That is one of the most beautiful appy's i have ever seen (the stallion) You should show him even know i have no idea about showing, but he is just beautiful.

northumberlandcowgirl 12-05-2012 04:02 AM

they're both absolutely stunning :)

Chokolate 12-05-2012 04:07 AM

Wow, that looks like a horse my instructor owns. I saw it and said, 'that is Dixie's clone!'

Seriously, Ryder is the EXACT same!

All your horses are just beautiful!

Nixalba 12-05-2012 10:02 AM

Thanks so much, everyone!

Chokolate - that's awesome. We see a lot of varnish appies around here but not many that are leopard and certainly not buckskin!

Having said that, we don't actually have a whole lot of Apps around. The most popular discipline in my area is Hunters then jumpers then dressage and eventing. So most horses you find are chestnut/bay/grey TBs and WBs.

My friend owns an Appaloosa/Hanoverian cross gelding who has done everything. He's got an awesome build and a good mind.... and lots of colour!

Our intention with Ryder was to hopefully produce a couple more "sport horse" Appies for the english arena. Unfortunately the guy we got him from was kinda "loopy" to put it politely, so we couldn't get papers from him or any information about Ryder because he "couldn't remember".

Oh well, we still liked him and still took him home (we found him in a tiny town 5 hours northwest from us). I prefer mares usually but this guy is just too hard not to like. My barn owner is not an appy fan at all and even she said he's a pretty cute little horse :-P :-)

We're all pretty busy right now but hopefully in January we can start back to our regular sched and get him going for the barn's first dressage show in May. I'll keep ya posted!

enzoleya 12-05-2012 10:55 AM

They are both very pretty! I love Ryder!!!

Fulford15 12-05-2012 11:18 AM

Gorgeous Appys! I am a sucker for them :lol:

Chokolate 12-05-2012 04:22 PM

Dixie's a palomino Appaloosa, she hasn't got the dark legs. I thought that was mud :oops: but now I can see that he's only 'muddy' on the spots because he's buckskin.

Rephrase: Ryder looks the exact same from the knees up! :smile:

OliviaMyee 12-05-2012 05:54 PM

Good luck with them im sure they will be great riding horses.

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