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cebee 12-04-2012 07:37 PM

Has anyone used Easy Boots?
My vet has suggested I get Easy Boots for my boy ( he is shod all summer but not in the winter and is pretty limpy if ridden without shoes...) I have looked at the web site and it looks pretty complicated getting them on. Has anyone used them? WHen you measure for them, do you measure when they are first trimmed or when? ( clearly the size will change.... right?) What do you think of them? Would they be something we could leave on in the winter or would they have to be taken off each time?

Catpeedontherug 12-04-2012 08:12 PM

My 1st boot was the Trail. It was ok. They're rated for lower mileage than I do, so they wore out quicker than I hoped~ not their fault, mine for not researching the mileage rating.
And, they did come off occasionally.
They do have really good traction and snow riding is fine in them. They've stayed on in mud, but have tossed one in a canters or trotting.
My farrier fit them, so I'm not sure about sizing.

I ended up trying a pair of Old Mac's and loved them! You can tighten the boot down for a better fit.
The Old Mac's are more expensive, but you can find them used. And, I hear they quit making them.

They are not complicated to put on, but do take a minute or two. You take them off after every ride.
I usually pick out the mud in the traction and rinse the mud/dust/whatever off.

Boots have really helped my mare's tender feets.
We can't ride without them.

Makoda 12-05-2012 12:08 AM

They need to be taken off not left on. I use renegades now, more money but much easier. Easyboots I didn't like very much.

Paintlover1965 12-05-2012 12:29 AM

I don't use the Easy Boots but I do use the Cavallo boots and they work well for my guys. I use them for riding during the in between seasons after I pull their shoes off for the winter and once again just before I shoe them in the spring. They go barefoot when the snow is well established on the the ground. They have never fallen off yet in the three years I've been using them so far.They have gone through creeks, rocky terrain and snow. You can even put studs on them for ice. I only use them for riding as the paddock and turn out areas are fine when they are barefoot. I also use the pastern wraps made of neoprene to further protect my horse's skin from rubbing and skin breakdown. Hope this helps a little.

loosie 12-06-2012 07:34 PM

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Originally Posted by cebee (Post 1784934)
I have looked at the web site and it looks pretty complicated getting them on. Has anyone used them? WHen you measure for them, do you measure when they are first trimmed or when?

Yes, you measure the horse fresh after a trim. Have a look at their site again. Heaps of info there, on sizing & choosing an appropriate boot for your horse & situation. Particularly Easycare Down Under providing Hoof Boots for Australia plus much more - New to Boots? Please read this Easycare Down Under providing Hoof Boots for Australia plus much more - Hoof Boot Range info

If putting them on/off easily is a big factor for you, some are better for that than others, like the Trails, but the main consideration is they are right for your horse & what you want them for. For eg. are his hooves so bad that he's lame in the paddock? In that case I'd be thinking boots are only part of the solution too.


Would they be something we could leave on in the winter or would they have to be taken off each time?
No, only when working the horse, unless absolutely necessary - say in the case of a severely foundered horse - and many riding boots aren't suitable to be left on either. If a horse is that sore though, you wouldn't be thinking of riding in the near future anyway.

If you would like any opinions on your horse, there are a few of us here experienced in rehab & info on diet, management & hoof pics would be helpful.

cebee 12-07-2012 08:06 PM

He is a bit of a mystery, limp wise. SOme days he is totally fine... never limped all spring and summer, got limpy for a while in the late fall, Vet suggested egg bars and on year round.. but I do not want to keep him in shoes all winter ( very snowy here, and I rarely ride in the winter. Have heard too many horror stories of horses injured from slipping on ice in shoes during the winter... ) So I am hoping boots would work for him for the limited riding I will do in the winter. So he was totally non-limpy on Wed, then the next day my daughter says he was limping again. He can go days just fine,,,, then limp. I will see about getting some pics on here but he is VERY flat footed, tender, usually kept pads on till this summer when we changed to shoes with 'heels' which worked great... give him glucosamine with his grain, bute he seems real uncomfortable, aspirin if he is just a bit limpy... and TLC year round! =)

MyBoyPuck 12-07-2012 10:29 PM

If you do try the easy boot and use anything in the glove line, know that they have a fit kit you can use to make sure you order the correct size. For about $17(?), they send you 3 shells about the size you think you need. That way you get 3 tries to get it right without shelling out the big $$.

With how you describe his flat tender feet, I'm expecting to see lots of flaring and excess growth in the pics.

NorthernMama 12-07-2012 11:22 PM

I didn't have success with easyboots at all. I was very disappointed. However, now I'm thinking that the problem was my trim was not good and maybe they would have worked for me after all. I couldn't get a fit kit for $20 as I am in Canada. The only way I could was to spend over $100! Yikes! However, the customer service at easyboots is awesome. If you decide to buy, take the measurements as instructed, then email pics showing how you took the measurements. Also show each hoof from front, each side, back and the sole at the very least. Ask them to be honest about the possible fit for your horse.

That all said, I would be interested to see pics as well: of the hooves and the horse overall. I don't know what issues your horse may have had/is having, but why eggbars? I'm thinking that there is more going on here. How old is your horse? Has he been vetted lately? Are you certain the issue is only in his hooves, not higher up?

Keep in mind also, that if you go to easyboots, you must keep the trim schedule up religiously or the boots will not fit. Personally, when I have the $ to buy boots again, I will be buying boots with a fastening system.

loosie 12-08-2012 02:42 AM

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I wouldn't advise Gloves at all - great boot, but doesn't sound appropriate for this situation. If he has flat feet & is 'limpy'(which means IMO you shouldn't be riding him at all), he likely doesn't have the feet to suit Gloves(with no fastening system, feet need to fit very well & have virtually no flaring), and you can't use pads with Gloves either, which sounds like he could do with.

What has the vet said/done/eliminated? Have you had xrays done? How long has he been lame? What's his management, environment & diet? You mention grain - I would definitely be doing without that or any other high starch ingredients.

nikelodeon79 12-08-2012 10:28 AM

I used regular easy boots for years with my sore footed gelding. They really aren't difficult at all to get on and off, once you get the hang of it.
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