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TWHforever 12-05-2012 03:49 PM

Could anyone inform me on trends in the AQHA ring?
I am new to the AQHA world and was wondering about different trends in HUS, equitation, western pleasure, and horsemanship. I've shown flat shod walkers for the majority of the time I've shown and was curious. Thanks!

Coffeejunkie 12-05-2012 06:21 PM

Black hunt coats. Spanish top boots. White show shirts for eq, lots of shirts going around HUS but no bright colors as always. Usef is on a white for all kick. Green beige breeches out. Tan breeches is classic and the best place to put your money, never goes out of style, same can be said for white shirts.

Western plain shirts to blinged to the nines. Lots of appliqués, lace overlay, fringe, trinkets, large crystals, abstract patterns. Also square neck vests. Lots of lace vests that you can easily change the look by changing the shirt color.

farmpony84 12-05-2012 07:45 PM

In the HUS ring you can wear blue, black, grey, and I've even seen that dark brownish beige. I've seen jackets with pin stripes, plaid, and even solid. Mine has a light plaid. The English shirts are just about any color, even black. They don't wear the collar pins but they will wear embroidered initials or names on the rat catcher. They also wear the hunt cap and not the AES approved helmet although they will not frown apon it. The pants are mostly beige or grey. Light. They usually wear earrings to finish the picture, and black gloves.

In western for halter a nice pair of jeans and a solid button up (long sleeves) and a cowboy hat are fine. A blingy belt adds to the picture.

Showmanship outfits are usually very expensive blinged out costumes that match from hat to boot but a nice solid suit with a crisp button up shirt and hat will do.

In the the WP ring you can get away with a solid button up shirt, hat, boots, and chaps. Jewerly or scarf add to the picture. You can spice it up with a blingy shirt or belt. The attire can range anywhere from a $200 outfit to a $5000 depending but they can ride in the same ring without any problem.

Good luck!

In west

waresbear 12-05-2012 08:16 PM

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I don't show breed shows, I show open and the trends seem to be exactly the same as Farmpony stated.

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