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Dreamcatcher5 12-05-2012 06:20 PM

The Opposite of a Dream Horse
Chapter 1

I nervously patted Rust as I walked towards the new farrier. The bald man was standing next to Faye, our neighbour who also had horses. Faye was holding Roger, the big bay Standardbred gelding while the farrier examined her other bay gelding, Buoy. "He needs different shoes" I heard the farrier say as he handed Buoy over to Faye. Rust snorted excitedly and almost stepped on my feet. Faye signalled me to come over. I had never liked Faye that much. She slapped her horses hard when they misbehaved. Rust suddenly took a leap forwards and trotted over to Roger, eager to sniff his nostrils. I stumbled after him and tried to pull him back. But Rust was too strong and dragged me over to Roger and Faye. Suddenly, the farrier was by my side and ripped the reins from me. I had no time to interfere, the farrier was too fast, jerking Rust's head back. Rust grumpily turned around and walked solemnly back to the farrier's car. I stepped forwards to receive Rust back, but the bald man turned and handed Rust to Faye. Faye...I felt helpless, too shy to object. The worst thing- Rust walked over to Faye as if he didn't actually care that I wasn't holding him. And I had always thought that he was a one-girl horse. Mine. Faye stood by the farriers car and the man took out a rasp and his other equipment. He gave Rist a quick pat and then lifted his hoof. Rust stood calmly and lifted one hoof after another. The farrier rasped and trimmed. Then it was time for the shoes. He held one against his hoof and nodded. Rust turned his head a bit to see what he was doing- and Faye's hand shot out and slapped my horse right across his face. Rust had never been slapped so hard before. He gave a small gasp and pulled his head back. For the rest of the shoeing session, he stood there with that monstrous woman, sad and not excited anymore.

Chapter 2

Finally, I thought, as Faye handed Rust back to me. I extended my hand to pet his nose- and he shied back. Tears sprang to my eyes...Faye, Faye, what have you done? I hugged my little chestnut tightly, burying my face in his silky mane. All he did was turn his head! And she slapped him! Unbelievable rage burnt inside me and I briskly led Rust back to his pasture. "Please don't be scared of me" I told him quietly as he clopped down the road with me. "I won't ever let Faye touch you again! Never!" I opened the gate and let Rust in. Cookie the goat was watching us from a distance, munching grass. I slipped the halter off my horse and expected him to turn and run, scared of my touch. But he stayed, blowing into my hair, allowing me to pet his neck. "Good horse" I told him and fed him a piece of apple from my pocket. Rust munched and slowly ambled away from me, smelling the fresh air happily. I turned back and climbed the fence, the anger at Faye still alive in my mind.

Chapter 3

It was such a peaceful morning, and perfect for a ride. I had Rust tied up on the paddock, with me brushing the dust from his coat. Cookie was hanging out with us, looking for treats in Rust's feed bucket. Rust was a gentle pony, especially with children and smaller animals. When Cookie playfully head butted his front leg, he reached down to nuzzle her furry back. Rust's coat was gleaming now, and so were his eyes. He pawed the ground enthusiastically when I put his saddle on. Then, I heard a quiet rumbling noise coming from down the road. It grew louder and became accompanied by some clanking and crashing. "A cattle truck.." I thought, patting Rust's neck. A car rounded the corner, and I recognised Faye inside. I groaned in my mind and was about to turn away, when I saw the horse trailer. It was bright blue, with a black horse painted in it. A mix of excitement and dread filled my veins. I was excited...a new horse? A new friend for Rust, maybe...But I was also stricken with dread because this horse probably belonged to Faye. So I just stood there, staring, with Rust flaring his nostrils with excitement. The car slowed down and came to a halt. I gulped. I didn't want to talk to Faye...but I really wanted to know what horse that was, there in the trailer. Faye rolled down her window. "Hello." she greeted me, bit she was eyeing Rust. What was wrong with her? Why was she always trying to find faults in my perfect little Connemara X pony?. "Hi" I answered, focusing on the trailer. Loud banging noises were coming from inside it. "Is that a new horse?" I asked, pointing at the trailer. Faye nodded. "I'm planning on training him for competitive trail riding." she explained. I stifled a laugh. Faye and trail riding? She did it for pleasure but...competitive? And what was wrong with Buoy and Roger? Weren't they good enough? "Can...I see?" I asked shyly. I really wanted to know what that horse looked like. "He's a bit...nervous right now, but okay, I'll take him out. Maybe he can graze on the paddock next to your pony." I nodded excitedly and leaned on the fence to see. Even Rust had his ears pricked, listening to the bellowing horse inside the trailer. Faye got out of the car and went to the back of the trailer. The horse inside kicked the wall of it and gave a loud screech. Whoa, I thought, he sounds angry. But I was good with equines. Every horse I had met, even difficult ones, had always liked me. I knew that I could handle this one. I imagined a black stallion inside. With flaring nostrils and dark gleaming eyes. Maybe even a brave, boisterous mare, gleaming with muscles and a shiny coat. Faye let down the ramp slowly. The she cautiously went inside. There was loud snorting and a shuffle of sharp hooves amd Faye came stumbling out of the trailer, pulled by the anxious creature.

End of the chapter. Want me to wrote the next one? Wanna know what happens next and what the horse looks like? Like or maybe comment? :-P you don't have to if you don't wanna. Lol

Dreamcatcher5 12-06-2012 04:36 PM nobody wants more of this story? Nobody wants to know what happens next? Oh..ok...I didn't know it was that bad...:-(

Enfocore 12-08-2012 09:44 PM

I would love to hear the next chapter!!
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nvr2many 12-08-2012 10:13 PM

Oh great, you leave me hangin???!!!

Dreamcatcher5 12-10-2012 12:11 AM

Kk....let's continue!

Dreamcatcher5 12-10-2012 12:28 AM

Chapter 4

The horse was wrapped snugly in a dark blue, dirty rug. The straps were in far too tight, but still, the animal strained against Faye's pull and leapt away from her. Its eyes shone with determination. Faye staggered around helplessly, her hands trying not to let go of the lead rope. I couldn't move, even if I had wanted to. My fingers grasped Rust's mane as I stood, staring at the horse. His face was full of fury but his head was well shaped. Although the rug covered most of the horse, I figured that he was a chestnut, judging by the light brown head and legs, which were decorated by four dirty white socks. I examined the creature further and noticed that he was a gelding. That surprised me, as the horse was behaving like a stud. And a dangerous stud, too. I felt as though I should jump in to help Faye, but then I thought:"Well, she hit my horse, so it serves her right to struggle with hers." I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but my anger hadn't completely does down yet, so I was happy to let Faye fight the horse alone. Finally, the woman managed to sling the lead rope around the fence, letting the gelding pull and neigh in anger. "As you can see," Faye said, walking towards me and Rust, "he is a very aggressive horse. But my training will teach him." My stomach lurched and I instantly felt sorry for the new horse. To put up with Faye's "training" meant torture for the horse. I had seen her "train" Roger before and believe me, I was almost in tears when she finished. That woman was cruel. And the worst part was that she didn't even consider her methods cruel.

Enfocore 12-10-2012 03:24 PM

Is there more to this story? If so I can't wait!!
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ThoroughbredJumper 12-10-2012 03:40 PM

i know a trainer like this... do tell more.

clairegillies 12-10-2012 04:07 PM

are we getting one chapter at a time? I love this!!

thank you Dreamcatcher5


Kilokitty 12-10-2012 04:16 PM

More please!

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