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canteringhearts 12-06-2012 12:12 AM

Suggestions? (Rehoming a dog problem)
The title is slightly misleading, and has more to it than it says.

All right...because I have a big heart - or Iím an idiot, your pick - in early October, a lost dog came up to my home and quite literally, not joking, leaped up on me; a cute little Jack Russell. Iím not stupid, of course, and tried not to touch him, because I wasnít sure if it had anything. I called one of my close adult friends who owns a dog rescue and asked him what I should do, but once we deemed it safe enough, I took him inside, but kept him separate from my other dogs just in case.

Heís been to the vet - that I paid for and everything - and all that, and heís fine and healthy.

Iíve had this **** dog since.

The problem is that my family and I are moving soon, and we CANNOT take him with us. I repeat, we CANNOT. We simply donít have the room, and we already have four dogs of our own much less adding another one! Weíve gone around the neighborhood, asked around, and even put posters up everywhere to see if anyone knew or recognized him, but no one did. We also took him to three vet places who all checked to see if he had a microchip, but no dice to that, either, and none of the vets or their staff knew him.

So, here my family and I are faced with a problem. We canít take the dog with us because we have no room, but I would feel so DANG terrible if we took him to the local shelter and the poor thing was put down. Especially if he is someone elseís dog, and perhaps they just havenít seen our posters up. I know from personal experience that dogs can wander off far, as proven by my own dog that once ran away and he was somehow found almost an hour from our house. But with this dog, Iíve even put an ad on craiglist.

Another thing that has irritated me is that I called another shelter about ten minutes from here, that is no-kill, and told them our problem. For one, they barely answer their phones. But this, I understand; theyíre busy, right? But when I do talk to them - even different assistants - they all have the attitude that I have four other dogs, surely I can keep this one. Which is not the case at all! I am lucky to have the four I have, but I barely bring money in with my joband Iím not going to shuffle this fifth one in for my poor mother to have to help me pay feed. I take responsibility for the ones I have as well as pay half the board for my horse too, but this fifth dog simply isnít mine. Heís almost lucky that weíve fed him this long, out of our own dogsí bag!

Ugh, this just really annoys me, to the point of where we may have to take him to the shelter. None of my friends or my brotherís or motherís can take him in temporarily, either. I considered that close friend I called on the first night, but that poor guy already has nineteen dogs he has taken in as rescues, seven of which are puppies. And he has about seven cats, three of them kittens.

As much as I canít take in this dog, I just couldnít ask the guy to take him in, especially since I know he probably would and not complain one bit. What really sucks is that my subconscious is way too good of a character, because I donít think I can take this dog to the shelter with a good heart and clear mind, especially when they keep dogs there for less than a week before they are put down. The other no-kill shelter is pretty much no help, either. I can somewhat understand they may not even have room, but whatever I do, this dog canít come with us to our new house. Itís out of the question. Iím sure my mother would let him, but I canít do that to her without feeling horrible, and Iím the one making the choice to put my foot down.

This got really long-winded, and I apologize. I suppose it also turned into a bit of a rant, since I canít really express this to anyone else.

But what would any of you do in this situation?

Phly 12-06-2012 12:16 AM

You could give it to some one. CL ad maybe?
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canteringhearts 12-06-2012 12:18 AM

I’ve attempted that too, to my dismay. No one has answered, even though I reposted it twice since the beginning of October when he appeared.

cakemom 12-06-2012 12:20 AM

Contact these people: Welcome to Russel Rescue Inc
Tell her you heard about them from the JRO board that Bill ran. See if they can find anyone to take him or help out. There is a huge Jack fan club, and a huge breed specific rescue effort.

canteringhearts 12-06-2012 12:22 AM

Oh my gosh, cakemom you are my personal Saint Mary right now! Thank you! I will definitely check them out and cross my fingers. Let’s hope we can get this fella home, and soon.

cakemom 12-06-2012 12:26 AM

I'll go post about him on the facebook board they have as well. Bill died in a tragic accident and we try and keep him memory going. I personally have a Jack. If I could take him in I would but we JUST got a puppy.

Missy May 12-06-2012 12:46 AM

In addition to what cakemom said, you could look for the closest no kill private non-profit animal sanctuary. They do not have unlimited space. They also have "foster homes" which increase the number they can take. They rehome the animals, but if they are never rehomed they stay at the facility for their entire life. Most, however are rehomed - I imagine a russel would be rehomed quickly. I have done volunteer work for 2 in 2 separate states and both were very nice places w a "home" atmosphere.

canteringhearts 12-06-2012 12:51 AM

Thank you cakemom, Missy May. I’m doing some quick Googling tonight, and I’m also going to definitely make some calls to the vets offices. Perhaps they know of close places nearby who’ll take him in. Ah, the good of the Internet/Horse Forum. Here I was at my wit’s end, and other people helped come up with new ideas to get him a home! :)

Despite my frustration, he is a very sweet dog...two other reasons make me believe he has an owner somewhere, whether they left him intentionally or not. He has been trained, I assume, to leap into arms and he does it all the time. For yet another, he’s does well in the cage. We don’t leave him in there for long periods of time, but during feeding we separate our dogs - one has an issue with other dogs near his food, except the alpha we have - and he has not once used the restroom in the cage or my room.

Now hitching a leg up on the table in the living room is something else entirely...

Missy May 12-06-2012 01:04 AM


Now hitching a leg up on the table in the living room is something else entirely...[/QUOTE]


Well, I do hope you find the little guy nice home, or a place that will. Keep us posted!

canteringhearts 12-06-2012 01:07 AM

Glad my pain amuses you! ;) No clue why he does it ONLY on that table, too. Drives my mother absolutely bonkers. There are times he’ll be out and just playing, then go to that particular table, look you RIGHT IN THE EYE, and hitch a leg. I have to laugh sometimes while I clean it up, or else I’ll just get angry.

And I for sure will! This is one of the times I wish it didn’t get late so quickly over here, or I would already be making calls.

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