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Annanoel 12-06-2012 10:37 AM

Boarders Horse Kicking Out!
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Okay-- let me start off by saying this may turn into a rant! :-x

SO, I board at a full care barn really family-like. There's only two other boarders besides me, both aren't the "toughest" gals around. Their horses walk all over them, they ride to ride and that's it, whereas it's a lifestyle for most of us otherwise. Anyways, my two year old gelding has been home for just about a month now and has been doing great until recently. They are stalled for nightly feeding and guess where his stall is? Right in between these two gals' horses!

Okay, now trying to get to the point, kind of not really. My gelding, Walker has been fine, after training and working with him daily you wouldn't think he's two at all. He does have his little youngster moments but overall couldn't ask for a better horse. Now this large paint, I'd say around 16h has begun kicking out towards my guy in his stall. Granted, there are very strong 2 x 12's in between, but it's dangerous! As said before on this form, I DO NOT tolerate kicking. I'm at a loss here, last time he kicked out he broke a good size sliver off the board. He hit so hard it stuck out on Walker's side, a good foot long or so sliver. (Will get pictures tonight and post.) If I wouldn't have forgotten to turn the water off I'm sure he would have gotten very hurt or stabbed to say the least by this piece. The gelding in question Whistler obviously needs an attitude adjustment, but it's hard because he's not mine. I do correct him when I see it, but what to do when I don't?

Most would say just move my boy! Well, the only other open stall is by said boarders second crazy horse. She's one of those who isn't tough enough on her horses when she needs to be and lets them walk all over her. She constantly comes up with excuses on why they do the things they do.

This just worries me though, any quick fixes or anything you all have done to deal with this? These aren't just little kicks, they are high, hard and breaking tough boards.

Not to say my gelding doesn't have a part in it, but the two times I've managed to catch it and correct it's been said gelding biting Walker in the face when he was just munching and kicking numerous times with both legs when Walker shuffled in his stall. Walker has now, I saw this yesterday started kicking back! I saw this ONCE, whether in defense or not we had a come to jesus meeting then and there. After the one kick mark that I marked with chalk I haven't seen anymore, but they're adding up on the other side.

Now after said rant, any thoughts?

Just for fun and IF I kept your attention. :wink: My boy in the first picture, and Whistler in the second picture all full of piss and vinegar! He's one BIG boy.

deserthorsewoman 12-06-2012 10:45 AM

TBH, I'd be much more concerned about them being turned out together....what is happening, apart from the big one chasing yours?
Sounds like the Paint doesn't like Walker, and shows it clearly. Has really nothing to do with owners or manners. We don't like some people, but we can stay clear of them. Horses are stalled next to the nuisance. I would change stalls. Makes for happier horses.

Annanoel 12-06-2012 10:53 AM

Desert - Luckily, they are not turned out together! Picture just for fun, sorry for confusion! Walker is in the "baby" pasture out front with the two almost yearlings he's adopted. He won't be turned out with the herd until spring or early summer. I figured that may be the best to move him as he's now starting to defend and fight back. I would like to keep him there but as you said they may just not like eachother and there may not be any correcting it.

Corporal 12-06-2012 10:55 AM

YOUR instincts are correct. If you don't move your horse you will be regretting the injuries and the Vet bill, later. These girls aren't going to change their horse's behavior, and you don't have any rights to retrain their properties. NOTHING will change.
I maintain that your domestic animals--I have horses, dogs, cat and chickens--go crazy and out of control when not given and correctly taught their jobs. I CONSTANTLY TRAIN. My first herd leader was hard to ride, and hard to control. When I bought the 15yo that became my 2nd herd leader, he beat up Mr. Crazy, and calmed down the herd. He could be handled, ridden and trailered by anybody--he had been, among other things, a TB race horse pony, you know, the ones that are ridden alongside to keep the TB's calm?--and the whole herd calmed down.
You don't own a "Tyke" (1970-1998, RIP). Even Tyke deferred to other herd leaders when he was young, including a Shetland pony. (ALL of his owners came out the woodwork to tt me about him after I bought him--LOTS of stories.)
ONE MORE THING, these out of control geldings will teach YOUR TWH bad habits. Bad company brings bad luck.

montcowboy 12-06-2012 10:57 AM

sadly whistler just doesnt get used enough. i think he is just bored and full of as you say piss and vinegar cause he is bored.and full of energy. horses are like kids. if they dont get lots of miles.and use.they get hotter and hotter and like little kids they start getting into trouble. see if you can ride with whistler and whistlers owner more. some trail rides.horses bond faster if being used together. grain them both on the same side of the stall. face to face but make sure whistler has enough grain to run out when your horse does. other then that. with out miles and hard work on whistler.your fighting a uphill battle. good luck..ride safe..keep us posted..thanks..

Corporal 12-06-2012 11:02 AM

Sorry, montcowboy, I don't believe that any good will come of your suggestion. Young horses are mimics. I want my younger horses to see GOOD examples of behavior. I am fortunate in that both of my younger geldings get confidence from my excellent 14yo mare, who has loads of mileage and pretty much does everything right. SHE is the example, just like Tyke was the example to follow, even though she isn't the herd leader. They treat her like their "mom", and are calmer when schooled together.

montcowboy 12-06-2012 11:06 AM

in the perfect the perfect time.yes.always best to have your young horse around perfect older horses..but when that cant happen.. well your left with what your left with. i have many horses here. some young..all good. but i really cant tell her that she needs to buy her own place. train all her ten plus horses herself so that her two year old will have good examples to learn from.. anyways..ride safe..

SlideStop 12-06-2012 11:12 AM

I would get rubber mats and line the wall with rubber mats half way up. It's probably a good idea to ask the owner to do the same and tell her about the splinter. This way the mats will the most of the impact and if a board does splinter its not going to be sticking out and there won't be any holes from missing boards.

A more permanent solution would be to ask the barn owner to move stalls around. Obviously this horse doesn't like yours or is super territorial. Not much is going to fix that since you can't be there 24/7 to babysit them. He sounds like he needs to get an end stall with a horse he likes.
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Corporal 12-06-2012 11:13 AM

Sounds like the OP doesn't want to move, either. I guess, stuck between a rock and a hard place, I would carry a big whip, and yell and smack the stall of the offending horse. At LEAST when I am around, said horse(s) would behave better.
I also, say, "NO!!." Horses respect strength and posturing. Plus you have the stall wall in between.
Should one of the owners take offense, I'd just say that their horse scares me... a LOT, and I'm just trying to protect myself. It does work, just like when somebody's out of control brat yells, runs, or steals in a store, and I give the kid "the look of death", and he/she backs down.

deserthorsewoman 12-06-2012 11:20 AM

I still say switch stalls with a horse the Paint gets along with. He obviously doesn't like Walker. And apart from tying the Paint in a package when in his stall, there is nothing you or anybody, can do about. Being stalled is stressful enough, no need to insist on two haters being next to each other, making it worse.

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