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BlueSpark 12-06-2012 01:46 PM

Which Mare Would You Breed to This Stallion?
Disclaimer: This foal will be well cared for, it would be bred for my own personal mount, with the goal of making the perfect horse for me with good resale value if the unthinkable happens. A vet will be involved and appropriate care given. Alot of thought has gone into this., but at this point I still havent made a decision.
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I've been debating breeding for years. After I lost my colt I've always wanted to have one foal for myself. I now have two mares that I like very much. The goal is a well built energetic horse for use in the mountains and doing some low level endurance.

My barn owner recently aquired a thoroughbred stallion. He is a stakes winner that suffered a sessamoid fracture that ended his career. He is very well bred, nicely built and has a great attitude.Luxembourg Horse Pedigree

the mares. First is Pretzl. I lean towards her at the moment. She is a registered arabian mare, and my saddle horse at pressent. I love her attitude, firey spirit and athletic ability. She is super sound and sane and a fantastic trail mount. I can double, pony other horses off her, swim rivers or gallop bareback. My only concern is that she is currently 14, almost 15 years old. I dont know if she is a maiden or not, but she has not had a foal for several years, if at all.
Regal Ladybird Arabian

Second is pickles. She is a coming 3 year old appaloosa filly. Incredible disposition and attitude, nothing phases this girl. I also really like her build. She is registered appaloosa horse assosiation. I like the extra substance she has, pretzl is pretty slightly built. She would be likely started this year, bred at 4.
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which do you think would be the better option?

deserthorsewoman 12-06-2012 02:02 PM

I personally, wouldn't breed, I'd buy a youngster. There are plenty available for less money than breeding your own would cost, and without the risk for your mare(s).

That said, I would favor the Arabian mare, but would breed her to an Arab. Anglos are not my cup of tea, I always prefer the purebreds, Arab or TB. Seen too many where not the best of both breeds came out.

Breeding for a possible first foal with a mare that age is risky.

Another thing, a good breeder choses a proven mare for a first time stallion or a proven stallion for a maiden mare. At least that way he/she has some idea of what could come out.

SorrelHorse 12-06-2012 02:07 PM

Out of these options? I would breed the arab on that thought alone, HOWEVER I would REALLY like to see some conformation photos of all three of them squared up on flat ground.

Merlot 12-06-2012 02:13 PM

we need pictures ;-)

BlueSpark 12-06-2012 03:01 PM


There are plenty available for less money than breeding your own would cost, and without the risk for your mare(s).
well aware.


Another thing, a good breeder choses a proven mare for a first time stallion or a proven stallion for a maiden mare. At least that way he/she has some idea of what could come out.
the stallion has one foal crop on the ground, and one on the way. Too young to have proven themselves yet, but they are well built with his great temperment.

themacpack 12-06-2012 03:07 PM

Without conformational photos of the stud and all propspective baby-mamas I can't offer an answer.

BlueSpark 12-06-2012 03:11 PM

I have no pictures of Lux worth posting at the moment, so those may have to wait. he came in 3rd running in a stakes race against bernardini, who went on to win more than $3,000,000.
Here is a face shot for you:

This is Pretzl, in pasture condition this spring.
this is Pickles, just turned 2.

deserthorsewoman 12-06-2012 04:00 PM

Without seeing the whole stallion, love his face. And Pickles would be the one.
And since you're aware of the current market situation, I know you will think long and hard.

Joie 12-06-2012 05:44 PM

Just to clarify, he is not a Stakes Winner, but he is Graded Stakes Placed, which is significant. HOWEVERT, with only 8 starts, and a career ending injury, and earnings of only $65k, and no sport performance or progeny to consider, I would pass on the stallion for either of your mares. At least until he has proven himself as a sire of sport performers out of mares similar to yours.

Find a nice stallion that is known to cross VERY well with Arabian mares, and look for a match for her. IMO she is the better mare, but that is just going off of photographs.

BlueSpark 12-06-2012 06:14 PM

I feel that for the brief amount he raced, he did well, and it was an injury that ended his career. Besides that, I don't see why a wildly successful race horse is needed to produce a nice athletic trail horse.

I know where people come from when they say to breed from a stud proven in a disapline, but I don't want to produce a stakes winning race horse, Olympic level eventer or an pure Arabian Tevis cup winner. I want a nice, sound, registered, athletic and primarily good minded trail horse I can have fun on.

I know the state of the economy, the amount of unwanted horses and the expense and risk of breeding. As I said at the beginning, I know this. I have spent the last 10 years rescuing and retraining, all the while debating breeding and coming to the conclusion i shouldnt. Now I actually have mares and a stallion available that I think might suit my purpose.

It's really frustrating when every time a thread like this is posted people emediately try to convince the op out of it. I have spent 10 years to come to this decision. Breeding one foal for my own use will not swamp the economy, and I don't feel it's terribly selfish to breed for a good minded foal that I can raise my self.

To those who answered my question, thank you.
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