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toritexasaggie 12-08-2012 06:52 PM

8 year old National Show Gelding for sale. Flashy!
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(Located in the United States, Texas)8 year old, tri-registered gelding(half-arab, national show, pinto).He's a very good boy, previous owner showed him in Country Pleasure, but we ride him western. I imagine he probably would do better in an English riding type setting, as that is how he was trained. But he does absolutely fine trail riding, in the arena, pretty much anywhere. He will be for sale either NOW, or maybe next summer after he is put through vigorous reining training at Texas A&M, where I'll be training him from January 15th through mid July. Right now he is priced at $5500, but pricing is somewhat negotiable. He is around 16 hands, maybe 15.3. He is very prissy, not gaited--but could possibly be trained to gait if necessary. We have several people riding him to see if he would be fit for dressage(so far, so good!). I feel like this boy could be very versatile. I(20 years old, junior at Texas A&M) have personally taken care of him for over 2 years now, and we have worked through a lot together. He had never been through water, was very head shy, and had never been on the trail..and I've done a ton of desensitizing work with him, and he has been so willing. Why am I selling? Well, number one..he's my sister's horse. But she never has time for him due to work, so I ride him for her when I can. Number two, because he isn't my horse, we never really bonded and I have two personal horses that need attention as well. Number three, my sister is moving to Virginia beach to be with her sailor that just returned from deployment off of USS McFaul, so besides the training I'm putting him through, we have no use for him and he really needs a job. He is so eager to please, and such a sweet boy. He has been at a lessons facility for the last month, because we wanted to see how he did around small children, and he does great! The main age range was 8-12 years old, and he was ridden every day for at least an hour of instruction. We have not been actively trying to sell him as of yet, but will start soon. I will be selling him under one condition, that should you decide to sell him later on, we have first rights to buy him back. I feel very strongly about making sure my horses go to amazing homes, and that they live the best life they can possible live. He is up to date on every vaccine, on a strict worming schedule(0 eggs per gram, McMasters Fecal as of November), and has a negative coggins. I may have left something off, but please feel free to email me directly if you have any questions! My name is Tori!

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